Rockwell SoniCrafter 20-Piece Multi-Tool Kit

I’m really glad Rockwell started making tools after recording “somebody’s watchin me”. A change in direction was clearly needed in that mans life.

I approve of the product description appealing to us sci-fi geeks out there.

Seems to be a better deal than the Harbor Freight / Chicago Electric variants given that this one includes a nice carrying case and more cutting tools.

The harbor freight one is $19.99 though with the right coupon.

This looks to be the same kit(non refurbished) at Amazon for 109.99.

It also has really good reviews there.
This will make a good Christmas present.

LOL! His backing singer didn’t fare so well, though. Check out the video; that dude should lay off the shrooms.

 I have an oscillating tool similar to the one pictured, and I have used it several times in renovating my townhouse condo.  I would say it has paid for itself.
 In my opinion, if you have a kid who is learning to use tools, start with this one first, as it will cut wood, dry-wall, metal, ceramics, etc. but not skin.