Rockwell SoniCrafter 78-Piece Professional Kit

Am I the only one here looking scratching their heads wondering why the $30 price jump over the similar previous tools.woot?

Edit: mulled over the specs a bit, and this kit has 6 more blades than the 72 piece kit (RK5102K), and a heavier duty case, but one less polishing pad.


Excellent Reviews from Amazon with 4+ Stars

TONS of solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

This is one of the most exciting, one of the most versatile tools for the do-it-yourselfer of the decade! I can’t begin to tell you about the many great things this tool allows you to do but I can tell you that it adds a whole new dimension to your talents. Do yourself a favor and check this machine out on You Tube.

I am getting a lot of good use from this tool on a variety of jobs. It’s heavy duty.

Those looking for a less expensive entry set will find good prices in Rockwell’s store on ebay.

I got a somewhat smaller SoniCrafter set (Didn’t have vac attachment, scraper, or precision sander pieces), as a gift, back when I think even the smaller set was running $175.

This is a great price for this tool set, that sees surprisingly frequent usage in my house.

I got the smaller set here on Woot a few months ago. I used it alot, sanding my railing and spindles on my stairs. But my husband tried it, when working on the landing, and fell in love with this thing. (he is a union carpenter, but never used one of these of course). He needed to cut out the old plywood, without taking the railing and stairs apart. So, it was a pretty tight spot, no other saw would have worked. For projects around the house, it is pretty useful. I picked up more accessories recently on Woot. I am tempted to buy ANOTHER one today, because the price is so good.

I bought the last Rockwell Sonicrafter & the additional 5 blade saw kit ($29). This 78-piece looks to be a better deal. They are different models though. The last one was a RK5112K. This one is a RK5107K. Tool dimensions & weight are different but amps and rpm is the same.

An absolute must if you are doing grout or tile work…makes removing old grout a breeze. Had to re-seat two loose tiles in our bathroom, used this exact tool to take the grout out around them before popping the tiles. Had I not used this it would’ve been 20 minutes with a grout saw…with this it was 5.

Also awesome for sanding into corners if you’re working on hardwood floors (the triangle sander attachment goes where most belt and oscillating sanders can’t) and cutting drywall.

Highly recommend.

This type of tool is far more handy than you might initially expect. I bought one (different brand) in November and have used it quite a few times during my renovations. Uses have included removing floor boards to replace them, cutting plywood right next to the wall, cutting out baseboards that went through the wall (Don’t ask). The only other thing that would have worked for these projects would have been a wood chisel and a hammer.

I thought the sanding pads would be worthless, but they’ll get you closer to corners than any other sanding tool I’ve used.

This seems to be a good deal on the price (I recall similar sets being on sale for $110ish in the store). However, I would personally recommend a tool with a quick-removal head system. Also, its a shame this kit doesn’t have more blades as those die fast.

If you don’t mind the attachment system, this is a good price on a tool that is far more useful than you can imagine.

I decided to see how much of a deal this was because I was already interested in this kit.

Just wow. $262.48 @ (the first site I pulled up). Exact same kit as best I can tell too.

Now I’m REALLY interested.

Does anyone have experience with replacement pieces for this?

How long do the originals last?

Are the ones sold on ebay any good?



Does anyone know if this can be used to cut concrete?

bought 3. Will make great groomsmen gifts!

I bought the Bosch equivalent a few yrs ago, it was a close race with this exact model.

These tools have attachments for EVERYTHING. This is aname brand so you’ll be able to find attachments for them in most department stores. Like most bits…you get what you pay for but they do wear out pretty fast. But I use mine all the time for all kinds of weird odd jobs.

It can be used to etch concrete. The blades are not that long or wide to be able to CUT (plunge) through a slab of concrete.

I buy from the official rockwell store on ebay - no problem. And I don’t think the current items are refurbs.

Not sure what you mean by “originals”, but the attachments’ wear / longevity varies with the nature of the attachment and the use you put it to. I’ve not been disappointed with either the sand paper or the metal attachments.

eye protection, hearing protection and gloves are all good additions to your toolkit with this, BTW.

If I buy this, will I always feel like it’s watching me? Will I have no privacy? (oh OH oh!)

That’s helpful. Thanks.