Rocky Mountain Chocolate Assortment (12)

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Assortment 12-Pack
$39.99 $54.99 27% off List Price
4 - Milk Chocolate Crispy Bears, 2.3 oz.
1 - Chocolate Dipped Fudge Bites, 4.3 oz.
1 - English Toffee Tote, 2.3 oz.
1 - English Toffee, 6.4 oz.
3 - Milk Chocolate Cashew Bears, 6.5 oz.
1 - Lemon Blueberry Truffles 2 Pack, 3.87 oz. each
1 - Strawberry Shortcake Truffles 2 Pack, 4.0 oz each


Interesting that in the write up it says:

Don’t serve this to: People who complain about trans-fats.

However in the specs, there are zero trans-fats listed in all of the ingredients.

I’m no expert, but I believe they can get away with saying “0g Trans Fat” if the quantity is less than 0.5 grams. If you look at the list of ingredients, some of the varieties in this offer include hydrogenated coconut oil, which is a trans fat.

I would be in for this deal if there was more dark chocolate. Yes, I am a chocolate snob.

49.57 ounces (3.098125 lbs), so about $15 per pound. Lot of nice packaging, though.

I see Crispy bears and strawberry shortcake, but what, no Crunchy Frog or Spring Surprise?

Too much milk chocolate, too little dark chocolate. Pass.

Correct, thanks!

Unsure what is meant by “2 pack” on the strawberry shortcake truffles and lemon blueberry truffles. If it’s 2 packages of each, then add 7.87 oz. (although there is only one package of each shown in the picture). The individual boxes for those items do not appear to say “2 pack” anywhere. Does one box of each make both of them a “2 pack”?

Ambiguous, at best.

I would; it’s terribly tempting because I love chocolate, but in deep south Texas what I’d have delivered are several boxes of greasy puddles.

Pity, that.

If you manage to make it to Durango, where RMCF is based, on one of the three Saturdays of their “bloomer sale”, you can buy their chocolates for $3/pound. Of course these are the ones that didn’t pass quality control, so the chocolate coat on the truffles might be lopsided, or the fudge bites (which are awesome, btw) might have extra bits sticking out. They still taste good.

I thought Woot only sells gourmet food. These contain numerous processed/industrial ingredients.

Just got the chocolates and they taste great! My husband fell in love with the lemon blueberry. Oh and there is 2 packs of those & 2 of the strawberry shortcake.
Would definitely purchase again!