Rocky Mountain Radar Detector with SmartScan



I wouldn’t recommend this brand to one of my worst enemies. Total and complete absolute junk.


Biggest ripoff out there. I bought one of their so called “Laser Jammers” and had it tested by my friend (who is a cop) after I got a speeding ticket to find out it did absolutely NOTHING. DO NOT waste your money on their crap products.


Snake oil…



Sorry to hear that you experienced issues with your order. According to the sale, it should still carry it’s 2 Year Rocky Mountain Radar Warranty.
Have you tried contacting their Customer Support page?


Does the pink model work any differently than the other two? Inquiring minds would like to know…


I (shamefully as it turned out) bought one of these on Amazon, hoping it would suffice, and boy was I WRONG! Utter and complete piece of crap! Would not recommend, nor would I give it away as a white elephant gift! It’s that bad!


If it doesn’t perform, it doesn’t perform. Company will tell you it does, so what good is the warranty. Useless P.O.S.


If you wander away from the established name brand detectors (cobra, escort, valentine), you’re playing with fire. Good ones cost hundreds of dollars for a good reason - they’re good.

Also - laser warning devices without a top shelf laser jammer is worthless, no matter how much you pay.


Just remember, if you are travelling through Virginia, unplug them and put them out of site. Virginia is the only state out of the 50 that still does not allow Radar Detectors. Our police/state troopers have “radar detector systems”, so turning them off does not work. Leaving them on the dash will also get you a fine because they can see it and know you have it.