Rocky Mountain Radar Detector with SmartScan

If you want a ticked just buy one of these. In fact according to Radar Roy ( google him) you would be better off with an empty box of kleenex on the dash. Try Bel or Escort & you will be protected. If Laser is used NO detector will protect you. Use one of the above & watch cars in front of you for braking action and in almost all cases with KA band you will get a warning about 1-2 miles ahead of time. Good Luck

Rocky Mountain Radar is infamous for their “Radar Jammer” which came out in the 1990’s which was and still is trash. Radar Roy is offering anyone $50,000 if they demonstrate a working Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer.

I would not touch a single product produced by this company.

Avoid like the plague…
Any positive review of these is made by a Rocky Mountain Employee.

Pure unadulterated JUNK right here! I can’t believe Woot would even try to sell this crap! I owned one, for about two weeks, then realized I bought something from a snake oil salesman. Promptly ridded it from my driving life.

x2 to all the commentators. These are JUNK DO NOT BUY. Go with any ESCORT/Beltronics or get the v1. RMR is junk.