Rocstor Dual Thunderbolt 3 Desktop

Rocstor Dual Thunderbolt 3 Desktop

This one’s weird. I don’t know the value of an 8-bay Thunderbolt 3 JBOD.

The model number implies 32TB of storage – This unit in particular:

So, it might actually be a good value, but I’d want to know how that 32TB of storage is made: 4x8TB in RAID0 is substantially different from 8x8TB in RAID10.

I wouldn’t gamble on this unclear product myself, but it’s far better than any other high dollar computing hardware up at the time of this writing.

Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information.

Here it is on AMazon:

Elsewhere on the inter-tubes:

  • Rocstor T38 no-drives: ~$1450
  • 4TB 7200rpm HDD each: $105 $85
  • Total: $2,290 $2,130

Edit: Is pre-assembly worth $300 considering it was done with older generation 4TB HDDs? 20TB drives are out now; further, the mothership catalog description says the T38 max is 112TB or 8x14TB.

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