Rocstor Rocsecure Ne52 Encrypted NAS

Rocstor Rocsecure Ne52 Encrypted NAS

40TB: so how many physical hard drives does this have?

if I’m reading this correctly, internal 40TB expandable through the five additional slots

It’s honestly hard to say. The manufacturer’s own page for it doesn’t seem to say, nor does the Amazon listing (unless I overlooked something).

But a listing for it on B&H says it has 5 x 8 TB 3.5" HDD included drives.

So… it may include them but it may not. It may just be the RAID and no drives.

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It’s BYOD - Bring your own Drive.

Just the server rack and drive housing for $2000?! Yipes. Bring moolah. Lots. But for those who need enterprise 50TB storage and encryption, this is actually a good price.