Roessler 2008 Bluejay Pinot Noir Two - Pack

Roessler 2008 Bluejay Pinot Noir Two - Pack
$47.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2008 Bluejay Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
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Previous Bluejay offer: 5/4/09

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Woot! Another successful guess! :happy:

Edit: And my trigger finger must be out of practice … beat out by silent7seven :frowning:

Woot launch?

A bit more expensive than the '07s, but now that they’ve got us hooked I guess we ought to pay a more fair price!

I was quite literally going to order a bunch of Blue Jay tomorrow from the local Co-op. Obviously WD is stalking me.

Happily a first sucker on Roessler PN. I’ll keep trying to one-up it, but this is currently my favorite Pinot Noir.

Back to the question of smoke from fires in 2008 Anderson Valley…

In for 2


Pew pew

In for three, and more than willing to rat.

Good question, I’m also curious about this. Did they utilize technology to remove the smoke, chalk it up to vintage character, or dodge it altogether?

I’d also like to know the vineyards and clones in this blend.

I forgot to use the time machine this time. :tongue:

i just googled roessler to see what came up and i saw the '07 among last year’s wine woots.

can anyone who has tried this wine (not necessarily this vintage) tell me how it is?

the '07 was a 3-pack but this one’s a 2-pack and averages out to be a little more expensive. were the prices for wines cheaper in general last year?

In for one and would love for this to be my first rat.

I’ve heard really good things about the bluejay from the woot community.

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create a gathering.

2007 was an epic year for pinot noir and the 07 bluejay was a great wine as many here can probably attest. honestly, the biggest concern with 2008’s from anderson valley are the wild fires. some of my favorite pinot producers aren’t doing 08’s from anderson valley because of the smoke damage. In general, you should be scooping up 2007 pinots.

Alright, this is an auto-in for me. My favorite PN of all-time. Just need to figure out if my significant other understands my passion for Roessler. Am I in for two or three?

Are we going to lay these down for a year or two or are they ready to drink now?


I really like the Roessler Peregrine, and wonder how this Bluejay compares. Anyone?

Ah, why must you tempt me so? I’ve heard great things about the Bluejays, but two purchases in two weeks is already straining this poor law student’s thin wine budget.

I’m somewhat of a newbie, so pardon if these are stupid questions, but if there is a smoky character in the blend - which the description seems to allude to - would that render this wine essentially “drink immediately or else”? In other words, would the smokiness mellow less with age while everything else would? Not that I would tuck these away for too long (it is a Pinot, after all, and sweet summer break is coming up, after all), but if the problem is as bad as everyone is afraid it might be, then even a few months could make a difference.

Also, is that why this vintage is hitting the market so soon? Fourteen months in oak means that this was bottled very recently. Is that a typical bottling schedule (again, newb), or is this being rushed to market to get as much mileage out of its youth as possible?

Sipping These Wines Is Like Smoking and Drinking at the Same Time by the wallstreet journal

is this true? are things like milk byproducts, fish bladders, and egg whites usually added to refine wine in general?

i’m so torn and don’t know if i should get this wine or not…/=

i also found this article That Smokey 2008 Vintage: California Wines and Wildfires

i’m a n00b so i don’t know how concerned i should be after reading this article and the wallstreet article.

WE 2008 Vintage report card Price seems somewhat high as well… this would have been an auto-buy, but not at this price point.