Roessler 2008 Bluejay Pinot Noir - Two Pack Woot Info Post
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Roessler 2008 Bluejay Pinot Noir - Two Pack - $47.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

2 * 2008 Bluejay Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

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Roessler 2008 Bluejay Pinot Noir Two - Pack
$47.99 + $7 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2008 Bluejay Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
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Previous offer:

Is this the longest woot-off ever?

Does wine woot offer a Bagel or Crepe?

Oh man, I wanted some of that soap, but it sold out too fast.

Still have two bottles left from the first offering, and have consumed two. My notes:

The first was a mere two days after it was delivered, so I suspect a bit of bottle shock was at play there. Overall, a decent but not great California Pinot; may or may not be worth the price, depending on your affinity for the mysterious grape.

You’re funny :smiley:

Thanks for the info - did you detect a slight tinny taste?

I don’t recall anything metallic. I’m typically sensitive to that sort of thing too (I can almost always tell when a wine was aged in steel and poured a whole bottle of otherwise well-regarded Riesling down the drain last night for tasting too rubbery), so I probably would have noted it if it was there. Why, did you?

Thanks WineDavid! We LOVE this wine and so does everyone else we share it with…haven’t been able to part with a bottle as a gift yet. In for 3 and so is the hubby!

Now…bring on the Vino Noceto Sangiovese and the Hook and Ladder!

I hear that the Blue Jay may have a smokey taste due to the fires. Anybody know anything about that? I loved the '07 but am hesitant to pull the trigger.

No - I haven’t tried this but that is my beef with some Pinot’s - for some reason I get a thin tin taste at the finish

I’ve been waiting all woot-off for this one. Had been saving the last bottle from previous offering for a special occasion. Bought 3 today, so now I can enjoy.

That’s quality over here

See this thread:

The winemaker goes into great detail re: the filtering process that was used to attempt to remove the smoke-taint.


Why would any educated person spend $50 on a botle of wine?

Right then, my tasting notes from the rpm tour. F5 no longer necessary :slight_smile:

Roessler Bluejay: 14% alc
Acid. Sharp. Zip zzip zip. this has some zing to it. Bite.
On the palate Red cherry, raspberry. It’s lightish in weight. Less big due to filtering fromt he fires (see previous woot) but has a loooong slightly mineral acid flourish.
this is a spicy wine, with white pepper, or is it allspice? BBQ sauce? Spicy sauce?

Well, with the usual caveat that your palate may simply be different from mine, this is probably at least worth a try. It’s certainly well-made, if not the best I’ve ever had.