Roessler Appellation Series Pinot Noir (4)

Roessler Appellation Series Pinot Noir (4)
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2009 Roessler Appellation Series Pinot Noir, Random
The possible wines are:
2009 Roessler Pinot Noir, Ceremonial
2009 Roessler Pinot Noir, La Brisa
2009 Roessler Pinot Noir, Laurelwood
2009 Roessler Pinot Noir, Red Label

There are 4, so I would want one of each. Would there be a possibility of getting 4 of the same?

Based on the mix from the single vineyard set I would say no. But also unlikely that you get 1 of each.

Roessler Pinot for $10 a bottle? I’m in for 2.


My first Grape Debater review–thanks for the opportunity!

I received the 2009 Roessler Sonoma County Red Label Pinot Noir for tasting.

I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of tasting a seven year old Sonoma Pinot!

The bottle arrived Wednesday, well insulated in styrofoam against the Houston heat. The bottle was cool to the touch and was placed in an upright position for two days.

The ullage level appeared adequate at less than a half inch.

Upon the first tasting pour, the wine was noted to be a brownish garnet, with an inky translucency.

Legs were heavy and thick.

The nose was notable for alcohol, pipe smoke, and cassis.

Tasting showed a lack of fruit and moderate astringency.

Finish was sharp, acidic, and lingering.

The wine was decanted and allowed to rest for 30 minutes.

The wine opened up to a nose with black cherry, green & black pepper, tempered with a hint of floral sweetness.

Palate-wise, a pleasant Cherry Coke and vanilla flavor had developed, with a light acidity.

The finish was lingering, with red plum and mellowed black pepper.

Two hours post decanting, the wine turned flabby and soft (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A mere shadow of its previous drinkability.

All in all, a nice drinkable wine, but not one I would seek out for cellaring purposes. I think this one is drink now or forget it. And if you do open it, try to finish soon afterward.

SOLD OUT ?! :rage:

Not impressed!

This was quick.
Do we get an encore for the rest of the day?

Been awhile since I’ve been like, “Yeah, let’s buy this!” before even reading the comments and then immediately disappointed to see the “sold out” image.

I’m asking.

My thought last night was I should probably buy this now. But as it turns out I didn’t. Oh well!

Sad I missed this.

I sorta feel the same way, except that I had decided I’m through with ordering wine until the weather cools off. This would have been very tempting, though. I love the Red Label and the LaBrisa, and I would have loved to try the other two. It’s now looking like we’ll have to wait until Midnight CDT for another offer, since they have had a couple of hours to put up an encore, and haven’t done so.

I’m rather like you and Cortot. Looked at it early this morning, ~04:50, and went looking CT notes to ponder.

Missed it.

Got enough already as is I guess.

Hey TT; no QP for Cesare from the night crew?

Grape Debater review:
I had the luxury (?) of sampling the mixed 6 bottle offering last month of the Roessler Pinot selections so I am a bit familiar with the tastes & variety. Mind you, I am not in any way, shape or form a red wine expert. I prefer Scotch but can use my training to put this through the nosing & taste notes.

  1. Let it breath! I learned this from the last batch. More complex meaning you have to wait for the flavors to come in. Tannins are prevalent from the start. Nose is nice & different from the other 6 I had last week. I would say a step up.
  2. This wine is more on the earthy side with traces of fennel, minerals, and burnt cranberries.
  3. The finish stays in your mouth with a pleasant aftertaste requiring another sip.
    I would say this wine (Laurelwood) is a pleasant surprise & would make a nice addition to my small collection. The price is right, just don’t forget to let it breath a bit before pouring.

Done. :slight_smile:

woww, glad I didn’t hesitate. Went in for 3, if anyone in WA wants to split. Especially if I end up with many multiples of a single label.