Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay (4)

Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay 4-Pack
$59.99 $156.00 62% off List Price
2009 Roessler Chardonnay, Big Bend Vineyard
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Another blast from the past. Nice job WD in acquiring some old rosselers for us.

I’m sure I had these or the 08’s when I made my stop at the tasting room a few years ago but I have no recollection of it. Should be solid though.

For what’s worth i find the prices on Wine Woot are no longer as competitive as they used to be. They have increased the shipping prices and know I find I get better deals on Wine till sold out.

Also they ship from New Jersey and I get the order the next day in NYC… and taxes are included.


I know what you mean, but if you do the math, the deals Woot offers are still discounts compared to buying from a retail outlet or the vineyard. Whether they are as good as in the past I cannot speak to, only what I have heard from others.

The increased shipping charge is for summer shipping where refrigerated trucks and more insulated packing material is used. I’m more than happy to pay the extra couple bucks for the precaution of protecting my wine.

Unfortunately, Woot doesn’t offer future shipping like some other sites, like WTSO, but what they do offer is a community to discuss the wine you are going to buy, great customer service, and a relationship with the vineyards from which the wine is being offered. While on any other site, I have never had the opportunity to discuss the wine, wine making process, vintages, terroir etc with the wine maker or a representative from the winery. This is a completely different level of service/quality being offered.

So if the only concern is tax/shipping prices, maybe the deals here aren’t as valuable, but for me I find a lot of value in the extras that Wine.Woot has to offer.

Of course with WTSO you also get the j. (Shill) Newman reviews on many of the wines which is the equivalent of Wilfred wong for bevmo. You also get some odd things like wTSO exclusives from well known winemakers that are created to WTSO specified specs not what the winemaker wants to make. See caton and Harvey for this among others. And of course the complete lack of community. Wine is supposed to be social. I have never bought wine from WTSO and am rarely tempted.

Of course I am on the west coast so I get my wine quickly. And regarding price, if you don’t see the deal then don’t buy it. There is always another deal coming tomorrow. I only buy when I see the opportunity, I can smell a closeout or bankruptcy a mile away.

Today’s deal is a good deal. If you like well made chard this is a no brainer.

How much life does this have left on it, do you know?

I’m a big fan of old world white Burgundy style chards, but I also won’t be able to dip into my Woot stash in California until I get back in January.

we had this at the RPM meet and greet on Sunday night. RPM did not like it. Klezman did.

it’s definitely a ready now wine.

I’ll let folks who tried it on the tour the other night post about that.
I would place it as new world.

They aren’t even posting about the tour, unlikely they are going to come on here and post.

Hi North16! Thank you for your note. The 2009 Roessler is an age worthy wine. It was made fresh, with abundant fruit from a small plot of land just South of the Town of Sonoma, in the Carneros AVA. While it was finished with a moderate oak regime, we believe it will cellar from it’s release for 7-10 years. Just before the Woot!, we tried this wine and found that the fruit was still very evident, with a nice balance of acidity and oak. Stone fruit - mainly mango, was ever present in the aromas and on the palate it was soft with banana, cotton candy and citrus. I hope you enjoy!

Hi WineDavid! Thank you for the note! I would agree - this wine tastes great now. It will age for another 5 years, but it’s very pleasant today, with a nice softness and rich texture on the palate. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks JRB11 - I appreciate the feedback. As the producer, I don’t have a lot of say in the fulfillment strategy or the cost, but I will say the wine is great, and hopefully worth an investment.

WTSO is certainly another place to find great wine. The reason they can compete is because of their fulfillment location. They are in New Jersey - reasons why it’s cheaper and takes less time to arrive. We’ve done business with them in the past, but today we’re on Woot! and liking the chatter. I appreciate the post!

and they don’t play by the rules.

Could you elaborate? Not trying to instigate, rather learn from your experience with this brand…

Any MLF? Trying to determine where this is on the butter and oak scale :slight_smile: Description makes it sound as though the oak is subtle?

Pretty sure he was referring to WTSO, not the Roessler brand.

Of course… I apologize if I made it seem like I was referring to Roessler.

Hazarding a guess, it could well be that they are not collecting and remitting state and local sales taxes.

Highly unlikely. It’s probably the fact that they are shipping to states which Wine.Woot-Azon does not feel they can legally ship to based on their interpretation of laws.