Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay (6)

Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay 6-Pack
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2009 Roessler Chardonnay, Big Bend Vineyard

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We’ve enjoyed the Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay in the past, but our supply ran out some time ago, so we were glad to have a chance to see how the 2009 has fared. First sensation was that this is a lovely deep amber color in the glass, but unfortunately, it was a bit too cold to get much of a nose, just a faint hint of citrus. I gave it a taste anyway, and got lots of citrus on the palate, plenty of lemon and a bit of lime, together with some tart apple. As it came up to a better temperature, reminding me that I should know better by now and take it out of the fridge a bit earlier, the flavors mellowed, I discovered more apple and pear flavors, and the oak became more prominent. By the time it got close to room temperature, I found myself enjoying it more than I usually like a Chard that warm. This is a wine that improves greatly with food, and if this tasting experience is any indication, has the ability to improve the food, as well. I’d say it’s a drink now wine, but it should hold for a little bit longer. An amazing deal at 6 bottles for $44.99.

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The other night we opened a bottle of the 2009 Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay. We were looking forward to opening this wine from the day we got it because we love the old Roessler wines. This wine was rather golden in color, as one might expect from an aged Chardonnay. We had it well-chilled, perhaps too well-chilled and found the nose was rather elusive. After it warmed a little, I got some minerality with a hint of stone fruit and honeysuckle, along with a bit of oakiness. On the palate I found some apricot and vanilla. This wine did not do well on its own. It is definitely more of a food wine. ddeuddeg and I paired it with grilled scallops that were stuffed with basil, olive oil and a hint of essential oil of lavender (definitely NOT one of our everyday dishes!), sautéed Swiss Chard with garlic and a side of grilled zucchini spritzed with EVOO and sea salt. This wine showed beautifully with the scallops. At $44.99 for 6, this is a deal! It probably has a couple of years left to it.

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So what about this one made it less good by itself? Oak? Imbalance of some sort? Too much acid?

I quite enjoyed the 2008 vintage of this from the 2010 Tour, so I’m tempted to offer a split…

I will take you up on that! Want me to order it? And store it? :wink:

And I enjoyed it on its own.

I knew my LW would post food pairing notes, so I didn’t, but I should comment that the grilled scallops, while not an everyday meal, is one of my favorites. The recipe is one I found in a cookbook called Intercourses, an Aphrodisiac Cookbook, which we got as a wedding gift from our Matron of Honor and Best Man.
I usually pair it with a Viognier, because I like the floral character with the basil and lavender, but I thought the Chard was a really nice pairing.

I think the coldness blocked out the nose and the flavours, if that’s possible. The oakiness was present, but not obtrusive. I would love to hear from the Roesslers as to how new/used the barrels were.

Official Grape Debate sample bottle received, complete with WW Golden Ticket! :happy:

Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay 2009

Sorry for the delay, couldn’t find my notes!

Tasted this last night on its own, then used my new Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver (off WW of course!) to save it for tonight. Worked very well, as it tasted as well as it did last night.

Chilled it down to appropriate temp for Chardonnay, around 50°. First glass out of bottle was okay, but 2nd glass about 45 minutes later was excellent. 1st glass tonight was as good as 2nd last night. The Argon gas works well!

The cork looked in good condition, both before removing it and after. Hopefully will be able to report on another glass tomorrow, using the Argon again.

Color: Nice deep golden color. 3 out of 6

Nose: Slight hint of vanilla, more tropical and/or stone fruit aromas than vanilla. 13 out of 15

Taste: Fruit was still very evident, with a nice balance of acidity and oak. Medium body with creaminess. Not oaky. 17 out of 20

Finish: Nice finish. 8 out of 10

Overall rating is 90 out of 100

Overall Thoughts: While the winemaker thought this could age till 2019, I probably would drink this by 2018.

I like both oak bombs and non-oak Chards (Iron Horse Un-Oaked is one of my favorites), and I didn’t get the chewing on furniture that some people hate.

I plead guilty to pouring it too cold. It improved significantly as it warmed up. Other than that, we typically consume almost all of our wine with meals, and I think our preferences about wines in general tend to reflect that.

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Aug, 2014 offer - only 4 bottles that time!

Well, I was rushing to get this posted in time. And using my tablet, which my fat fingers don’t always hit the right keys.

But you play Grammar Nazi, very well! :tongue:

I am no longer in the oak bomb camp for Chardonnay. A hint of oakiness is good, but not too much. These days I prefer unoaked. However, I am not an unoaked snob! :wink:

OK, pulling a nallie.
I just noticed that this is being sold by Hall Wines. I thought Roessler had held onto their inventory of wines made before the sale to Hall. Last week’s offer of Roessler PN was “Sold by Roessler Wines.”

Would that be Kelsey Grammer?
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That is weird, especially because Roessler kept the Big Bend trademark. Unless someone forgot to update the seller info?

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