Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay (6)

2009 Roessler Chardonnay Big Bend

Last CT post from almost 2 years ago and the drink by dates show it coming to an end, although we typically like wines with a bit more age than others. Anyone have any insights into how this is doing?

I found a few bottles of 2004 Wellington Chardonnay while traveling and they were very interesting, not flavors I’d typically put with a Chard. Tempting to jump on a set if they have some life left…

Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay 6-Pack
Sold by: Hall Wines
$44.99 $174.00 74% off List Price
2009 Roessler Chardonnay, Big Bend Vineyard

Maybe this post from 10 days ago will help:

We’ve enjoyed the Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay in the past, but our supply ran out some time ago, so we were glad to have a chance to see how the 2009 has fared. First sensation was that this is a lovely deep amber color in the glass, but unfortunately, it was a bit too cold to get much of a nose, just a faint hint of citrus. I gave it a taste anyway, and got lots of citrus on the palate, plenty of lemon and a bit of lime, together with some tart apple. As it came up to a better temperature, reminding me that I should know better by now and take it out of the fridge a bit earlier, the flavors mellowed, I discovered more apple and pear flavors, and the oak became more prominent. By the time it got close to room temperature, I found myself enjoying it more than I usually like a Chard that warm. This is a wine that improves greatly with food, and if this tasting experience is any indication, has the ability to improve the food, as well. I’d say it’s a drink now wine, but it should hold for a little bit longer. An amazing deal at 6 bottles for $44.99.

Already have a case of this on the way and it looks like it is shipping out today. I really wish you guys would hold off reposting wines that were offered recently and haven’t arrived yet. How am I supposed to consistently overspend here when you do stuff like that?

Thanks for the reply! Guess I’ve been too busy lately as I’ve missed a few offers, haha.