Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay (6)

2009 Roessler Big Bend Chardonnay
6-Pack Sold by: Hall Wines

Bought 18 of these last time, totally regret it. Over aged.

I agree. Bought 18 as well but this wine is totally over. Should actually not be sold off anymore.

I bought 12… tried the first one last Sunday. My husband asked what was wrong with it–that it looked the same color as my orange Powerade. I reread tasting notes, and do agree to a point that it does get better as it warms to room temp, but surely not what I had been expecting.

bought this in the last woot off, it’s completely undrinkable, well past it’s best. Complete waste of money

wow, we tasted several bottles and also sent a bunch of labrats (Grape Debaters) out.

very sorry to hear some of you got bad ones. please send in for a refund with our apologies.

I bought 6 last time, drank 2 so far and they were good.

I bought 6 and they aren’t the best but my fiance heard no complaints from me. For 8 bucks a bottle I don’t know why anyone is complaining.

Even for $8, Wine Woot wants to sell wine that’s at least drinkable, and as you can see above they try to stand behind the products they sell. Sounds like you did fine with the bottles you got, but not everyone reports the same experience.

We bought a dozen bottles last time this was on Woot and my wife commented on the color before we even opened it. She opened one bottle and as soon as she tasted it, she said this was past the time when it could be enjoyed and that it was barely in time that it could be tolerated. We opened a second bottle with friends and they agreed it wasn’t drinkable. Where did you say we should apply for a refund? (For the 10 unopened bottles at least)

Very kind of you, could you expand on how we do that?

After another comparison this stuff is pretty bad. Very orange too, I didn’t notice it first bottle. I don’t want it anymore