Roessler Black Pine Pinot Noir - Three Pack

Roessler Black Pine Pinot Noir - Three Pack
$49.99 + $7 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 2008 Roessler Pinot Noir
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Oh well, still got plenty of this from last time.

I got this woot last time it was available - and this is an excellent wine. Smooth, complex, nice nose - and no noticeable smoke (though it was a bad year for that in ca…)

a great deal; in for 2

lovin’ the Lead Belly / Nirvana nod in the write up.

$5 shipping is the main reason that I buy from Woot. I will not pay $7 for shipping.

Just my two cents.

I really love the Roessler family stuff. Haven’t had a bad bottle yet. I actually joined their wine club, even though Im not a huge pinot fan. Even with the $7 shipping, I think these bottles are still a great value, and would think they will be just as good as the many other roesslers on my rack. I hope the $7 shipping expedites it or sends it in a climate controlled vehicle, it’s so dang hot.

Uhhh… Summer shipping. Read the FAQ

Also, I dare you to find anyone that will ship up to 9 bottles of wine for $7.

Just my change for your two cents.

I preferred it to the bluejay!

I’ve spent much more money on much dumber things… In for two.

A good set of tasting notes for Roesseler Wines, including the 2008 Black Pines. Interesting to note the explanation of how the grapes used were survivors of the bad forest fires that year!

More notes…

Overall sounds like an interesting wine that could age a bit and needs some serious decanting to bring out the full flavors…intriguing…

LOL, so many people bitching about the $7 shipping… Summer shipping is two day shipping via Fedex. Personally, I’d gladly pay an extra $2 all year long for 2 day shipping, but that’s just me I guess. To each their own…

Summer shipping. That extra $2 gets your bottles packed in snow imported from the alps where they make only gourmet snow with a very high QPR.

WD: If you’re checking things out, I could REALLY use some of those wine diapers (four actually) for my honeymoon cruise in October. PRETTY PLEASE!!!




I’m going to Italy next month, and need some!

Hopefully they don’t appear while I’m sleeping =P

Not all states gets 2-day FedEx. Last I knew (which admittedly was a while ago), the East Coast still got the Reefer Truck to a delivery hub, then normal delivery (usually 2 days) from there. Total transit time was a bit longer than normal $5, but you’re paying for safe passage, not quick swillage.

(and in for a trio; missed it last time)

I want wine delivered to my door! Who do I have to payoff to make it happen?

Not my problem, where does it stop? Raise the product price and keep the shipping simple. Next they will start charging for bags to be checked on airplanes… go figure.

When a business has a core tenet it should stick to the plan. Why next we will be paying a subsidy for the high price of gasoline to ship… it never ends.