Roessler Black Pine Pinot Noir - Three Pack

They changed to fedex ground instead of ups (fedex is amazon’s preferred shipper). Still the same outcome though, my inzin dropped into the fedex system in OH on the 18th and it’s being delivered on the 20th in NY.
And you’re in for a treat, good stuff.

Two-day woot-off. Nice.

It is your problem if standing on the principle stops you from getting a 40% discount on quality wine. Sure it could have been 41%, but is that really worth standing on?

Gotta choose your fights.

Is this good for wine beginners?

How about as gifts?

Wow are things so bad out there that two bucks will break a deal??

Cheers to me cuz i’m still buying!

California has Pinot Noir?? What will they think of next.

Oregon City, Oregon

Has the SERENDIPITY code worked for anyone today?

Actually, I just used it and it worked. In for 1!

Crap… didn’t work for me… did I spell it wrong?


Can the people that complain about paying an extra $2 for shipping really tell the difference between a good wine and Mad Dog? I think WD should offer $5 shipping for those that can’t handle the extra load and if the wine shows up like vinegar, so be it…

It works.

It’s a good introduction to Pinot Noir.

And absolutely.

This is super absolutely frustrating… i put it in the CERTIFICATE or COUPON field and it returns with an error that says it doesn’t work… ARGH!

What’s happening WOOT?

Well everyone, this coupon code is not working so I’m not buying… tear

Have a good night all!

Is the snow certified organic?

Just used the code TAXSUCKS in WA State and it was accepted. Just a heads up for yall who didn’t get SERENDIPITY to work.


It stops when wine.woot stops delivering in specially conditioned vehicles.

Chillax, dude, and go drink some more wine.

Congrats to you & the lucky soon-to-be Mrs. Kylemittskus.

Shoot!! Gave in & ordered this one too…

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See you all back here later today for more fun. :slight_smile: