Roessler Blue Jay Pinot Noir (3)

Roessler Cellars Blue Jay Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$64.99 $138.00 53% off List Price
2009 Roessler Cellars “Bluejay” Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

Great way to start a woot-off! Wish I could justify getting a second set of this but alas I can’t. If you like a moderate and friendly Pinot, then this is for you.

I bought this in 2009 when it was offered and remember loving it. Actually have been holding one bottle…
Just drank one of their Red Label Pinots two nights ago - also very good.
Think I am in for at least 1

Roessler is a solid/exceptional pinot producer. This I’m sure is a great wine at this price point. Where did WD dig these up?

Didn’t want to be forced into the amazon payment system. Love the wine but passed.

I think Hall is clearing out the cellar of the old labels. Our gain.

A sound theory. Wonder how long these can be held for?

I just got a message saying they are “unable to fulfilll my order”. WTF?

Same here. Color me disappointed. I was really looking forward to this Woot. Somehow, the $5 consolation prize offered doesn’t help much.

ditto - I am not pleased

Sorry Folks. a winery misread on inventory levels.

Very Very sorry for this to happen. We were pretty geeked to find some old Roessler Blue Jay…

Yep. Again. Not happy.
Maybe a $5 coupon AND an exclusive heads up on a special upcoming offer?