Roessler Bluejay Pinot Noir Three - Pack

Roessler Bluejay Pinot Noir Three - Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 2007 Bluejay Anderson Valley Pinot Noir <-CT link
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Awesome winery. Great people. Go visit sometime :slight_smile:

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In love with this stuff

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Please don’t lab rat me this week. I’d love to but I setup my shipping to an address I won’t be at during the week.

Now, if I can provide another address, let me know :slight_smile:

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Win me over with some comments later today, guys/girls. I have heard many good things about the Encantada and Savoy featured here awhile ago, but am too afraid to open them. A good pinot is sweet sorrow, you know? I’m not willing to part with them just yet … but perhaps if I had a little more, I’d be a little more willing. :smiley:

Welcome back Roessler crew!

Can you tell us a bit about this pinot in comparison to the ones you offered here previously? Also, since this is a three-pack, how long can we cellar these bad boys?

I am very happy to be in on this offer and I’m rather upset I passed on the previous ones. I was poor though.


Damn, falling asleep at the switch here!

Looking forward to the review of this one. When I saw him a few weeks ago, Roger seemed super-excited to be coming back to woot with this offering.

OK WD, I bought some. I went in for 1, b/c it’s 3 of the same. This is my first woot in like 2 months. Most of my 2009 woots have been Pinot, and I feel like I’ve bought every single one (both other Roessler, of course the KRPN, and hell, you owe me for buying the Willamette Pinot…)

Now can we PLEASE have some PS soon?

PS, I love Roessler and everything it stands for. Roessler is an automatic buy for this PS-fanatic. BY FAR my favorite pinot producer.

WD: I’m with PS here. I’m owed for the Willamette.

Available and willing to rat. I promise at least three extensive posts with at least three tasters of differing levels of wine erudition!

[How good is this deal?](" title="How good is this deal?)

Check the link above and decide for yourself. Also get CT links, prices, and more.

Bad link Mr. White.

Until he fixes the link, the moral of the story is this offering is $96 retail pre-shipping!!! Insanity I tell you!

working on it. thanks for the compliment on the Roessler. i agree this as close to a no brainer as we’ve had in a while (especially if you compare prices)

Really hatin’ on Willamette eh? ok. noted.

I liked the Willamette and will buy more.

In for one set. I love Pinot Noirs and have heard good things about this winery.

the regular was unpleasant, the estate was tolerable, and the whole cluster was kate moss in her heyday thin (or Olsen Twin Thin, to be more current).

But this is a no-brainer and a ridiculous deal. If I weren’t overflowing with pinot, moving in 3 months, and out of storage, I’d be in for 3 instead of 1.

Link works fine for me. It just doesn’t go to where you might get excellent information for your wine purchase. It does however take to you an excellent joke/picture concerning Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and swine flu. :wink:

Any particular reason that the TA on this PN is only .56 when the other offers were closer to .62 or higher?

2007 Bluejay Anderson Valley Pinot Noir: (Current)

Ph: 3.69
TA: (g/100ml) 0.56
Alcohol: 14.4%
Time on Oak: 10 months, 35% new oak

**2006 La Brisa Pinot Noir: ** (First offer)

Ph: 3.64
TA: (g/100ml) 0.62
Alcohol: 14.4
Time in Barrel : 11 months in oak

2006 Red Label Sonoma County Pinot Noir: (First offer)

Ph: 3.69
TA: .62
Alcohol: 14.5
Time in Barrel: 10 months

2006 Peregrine Santa. Rita Hills Pinot Noir: (First offer)

pH: 3.51
TA (g/100ml): 0.66
Time in Barrel: 16 Months
Alcohol: 13.8%

2006 Savoy Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir: (Single Vineyard Offer)

pH: 3.7
TA (g/100ml): 0.61
Time in Barrel: 11 months in oak
Alcohol: 14.0 %

2006 La Encantada Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir: (Single Vineyard Offer)

pH: 3.66
TA: .61
Alcohol: 13.6
Time in Oak : 15 months

**2006 Hein Family Vineyard: ** (March Offer)

100% Pinot Noir
Ph: 3.60
TA: .61
Alcohol: 14.4
Time in Oak : 10 months

2006 Sanford & Benedict Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir: (March Offer)

Ph 3.41
TA (g/100ml) 0.67
Alc. 13.7%
Time in Barrel: 11 months in oak

I’m leaving my current address on the 15th. Would it get here before then? I’m in Ohio.