Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir (4)

Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir - random 4-Pack
Sold by: Hall Wines
$47.99 $272.00 82% off List Price

Soooo many cases already; but so good. Like stealing it at these prices.

I already have a lot of this, but it’s still tempting me…

Over the last few months I have been surprised at the volume of bottles that WD sourced from this now defunct winery. How in the world were this many cases just sitting around?

In, thanks to Rj!

Make CA deep red!

Ditto (damn you)

Darn…I fell asleep. Hoping there will be a next time.

Any more available? Is there an 800 number I can call?

I’m also really sad to have slept through this!

Missing this deal twice now due to middle-of-the-night postings (for us on the east coast) has finally gotten me off my butt to make a IFTTT alert for anything Roessler or Wellington. (Should have done this years ago of course)

Any more available? Is there an 800 number We can call?

Since I live in Rhode Island I have my wine shipped to my parents in New York. I received my tracking number and according to FedEx my wine was delivered, but not to my parents in NY. It was signed by JTORRES at 1:11 pm in Sonoma, CA. I have emailed Woot support to find out what happened. I checked the order and all the information, everything is correct, so I can’t understand how it would have been shipped somewhere else.

Edited: I never received an incident report email stating that they received my email. Hopefully I’ll get one tomorrow since I emailed Woot late in the day.
Also, according to the tracking info: Multiple shipping labels on shipment - Unable to deliver shipment - Returning to shipper.
Don’t know what’s going on, but any info would be appreciated.

Still waiting to hear back from Woot.

Let me check in with CS. In the meantime, check those spam/junk folders.

Update: CS has emailed you several times to let you know they’re working on a replacement. Replacements take a while because WCC has to get back to the winery. There’s no warehouse to pull from. If you’re not getting the emails, check spam/junk.