Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir (4)

Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir - random 4-Pack
Sold by: Hall Wines
$47.99 $272.00 82% off List Price
You will receive 4 random bottles of Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir from this list:

2008 Roessler Bluejay Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
2008 Roessler Brosseau Pinot Noir, Chalone
2008 Roessler Ceremonial Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
2008 Roessler Pinot Noir, Clos Pepe, Sta. Rita Hills
2008 Roessler Pinot Noir, Gap’s Crown, Sonoma Coast
2008 Roessler Pinot Noir, Griffin’s Lair, Sonoma Coast
2008 Roessler Gran Moraine Pinot Noir
2008 Roessler Hein Family Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
2008 Roessler La Brisa Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
2008 Roessler La Encantada Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills
2008 Roessler Laurelwood Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley
2008 Roessler Peregrine Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills
2008 Roessler Ridges Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
2008 Roessler Red Label Pinot Noir, Sonoma County
2008 Roessler Redbirds Pinot Noir
2008 Roessler Conmemorativo Pinot Noir, Sta. Lucia Highlands
2008 Roessler Sanford & Benedict Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills
2008 Roessler Pinot Noir, Shea Vineyard, Willamette Valley
2009 Roessler Bluejay Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
2009 Roessler Pinot Noir, Gap’s Crown, Sonoma Coast

Previous offer:

I’m in. Drank 3 from the last offer, and they were all good.

Update: Redbirds/Sonoma Coast all day long.

Bought this last time as well and was pleased with what I got. In again!

No-brainer. Without checking notes I recall the Bluejay is excellent, particularly at this price point.

Something is wrong with the Buy Now/Login links. It kicks me over to the Amazon Login page, but nothing happens when I click there.

Same here. Woot login still works.

Edit: Successful after a couple of retries. Pinot is in the pipe. - All is right with the world again.

A Bluejay flight would be kinda cool… hint* hint*.

Doesn’t work for me. I can’t get past the Login with Amazon link.

login and sale working fine.

WD musta grabbed a warehouse full of this.

For the price, I couldn’t resist… in for one, will probably regret not getting more.

Every bottle I’ve tried has been solid. I’m still sitting on a case of these otherwise I’d be all over it again. Really nice deal on these.

In for 3. Cellar Tracker gives high 80’s - low 90’s throughout 2008 and 2009… seems like a no-brainer for ready to drink everyday Pinot Noir. Variety is fun

Sold out while I was going through checkout. Oh well. Must not have had too much. 8:21AM CST if anyone was curious.

Well, that was fast. Looks like a terrific deal for those who (1) got in early, and (2) live in states that aren’t stuck in the 19th century, like where I live.

Wow, y’all really liked that wine! We’re nudging WD about the sell out.

Phew. I think I was the last one at 8:17. In for 3. Loved this mixed offer from October and have missed out on other offers. All wines have been different and great. But I hope I get a plethora of Bluejay.

Tell him to bring back the random mags. That was a good offer too. And I don’t recall it selling out.

Last wooter to woot: mountaincat

But you were close!

Huge fan of Roger Roessler and his wines. I’m never in Sonoma without stopping by to say hi. Can’t believe someone has been sitting on his wines and letting them go for that price! Other than Wellington, I can’t think of anyone else in the region who makes wines this well built and structured. If woot let me, I’d buy 12 cases!

at 1 am on the east coast my phone buzzed with the IFTTT message that Roessler was back on woot! Jumped out of bed and grabbed 3.

re: those Mags - I got that last time around and it was a mixed experience (2006 and 2007 Peregrin and Pepe). Both were slightly over the hill, which surprised me given the aging reputation of Magnums. Maybe those were particularly low acidity years? In contrast, these 2008s in this offer are in their prime.