Roessler Pinot Noir Magnum - Random

Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir Magnum - Random Selection
Sold by: Hall Wines
$35.99 $98.00 63% off List Price
Roessler Cellars Pinot Noir, 1.5L Magnum - Random Selection
The vintages will range from 2001 to 2008

Are these all single vineyard, or also some of the appellation level wines? Better yet, what’s the list of possible wines?

2001 to 2008

Safe to assume the older vintages are holding up?

From the sets we got during the summer it was a mixed bag. This is s magnum which holds considerably longer but if you get an '01 it’s hard to see much life left in Cali PN with that many years on it. It’s a nice price though and tempting for the experience alone. With the lack of details though it’s not a buy for me.

That’s where I’m at too, not expecting a lot of fruit left but maybe it held up a bit better due to the format. I’m on the fence to pick one up.

I’m with Klez here. If it’s from Hein vyd, CT only goes back to '05. Seems likely to be a real mix of cellar dregs, but there could be some true gems included with the likely turds as well.

I ordered all three of the last 2009 offerings and was completely disappointed.

That said, the 2009 were put in bottle by hall wines. Not by Roessler. These could be better as Roessler quality and approach is significantly better than hall/Walt.

Based on the 2009 experience, not putting more money in to these guys. Especially if it’s older vintages.

$36 for a Roessler magnum seems like an awesome deal. A crappy Mark West PN 750 goes for $11 at my local grocery store…this should be 3 times better no matter how bad it is. Level your expectations people…this will not be a Kosta Browne or Flowers or Skewis PN but it will also not be a mark West, Meomi, etc.

The legendary Stephen Pearcy from Ratt puts it best: “Dangerous but worth the risk”

Woot on!

Great argument. I’m halfway through my 6 pack of 2009 Roesslers and have really enjoyed them all. Some risk here, but the reward may be large.
Bet placed.

In for 2, fingers crossed!

Hopefully it is true that these were bottled by Roessler and not Hall. The 2009 Pinot deal had a couple flawed bottles, as did the Roessler Chard deal. The non-flawed bottles were dynamite.

Flawed in what way?

Understand the love for Roessler but Hall puts out some quality wines. mho

Grabbed 1 for thanksgiving. Hoping for some thing on the more recent side.

Disagree. Depends on your palate and if you’d invest in quality or not. A spoiled $100 wine is never better than an $11 wine. If you’re palate can’t tell, then go for absolute $. If it can, then grab the experience and friend to share with.

On the cab side, totally agree. On the Walt side, tbd.

Totally disagree…an older wine is never spoiled unless it’s been kept in a non temp controlled environment or it is corked. My argument is that a Roessler- made wine is way better made (quality control, winemaking, etc.) than an $11 bottle. No doubt. I think you misunderstood my point.

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