Roessler Single Vineyard Pinot Duo

Roessler Single Vineyard Pinot Duo
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Savoy Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
1 2006 La Encantada Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

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After reading the wonderful discussion of the previous woot, I would LOVE to labrat this one!

Dammit, PS beat us both. I thought I might get it first this time!

Now I feel okay that I didn’t up the trio that just came down. And suitably justified in this expenditure.

ETA: PS, how DID you beat us as I don’t see your state lit up?

proudly observes her new state in its muted rose tone

ETA 2: VA lit up AFTER NC. W.T.F. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, fairy. I know we talked awhile ago about meeting up in new york to split the price and share of a bottle. That’s still not going to happen, I’m afraid, but what is it about these bottles, which has you sold?

Just as I suspected. I’m a sucker for single vineyard pinot’s, and from this winery? Yikes!!

This is not at all good for my cc balance.

WD, you are a very, very, bad person, very bad! (think of Babu wagging his finger). If you got the last trio, how could you not purchase this one and make the horizontial vintage collection wider and yet also more terrior specific?

Way to rope them in…(pun intended with the wrestling association this week)

In for 1… it goes with out saying, would love to lab rat this up :slight_smile:

edit And in the most ambitious lab rat promise: not only will I gladly chime in on my current thoughts (if I’m lucky enough to get a golden ticket bottle), but I’ll be sure to update those thoughts as an aged lab rat in a few years from now (depending on the recommended cellaring time by the Roessler folk). :slight_smile:

I just finished avoiding hitting the temptress of a button and now I need to do it again?!

Bad, bad, bad. The Wife Acceptance Factor on this whole week is very low. WD, you = bad.

I think I’ll go with “not telling her.” Of course, she works from home and will be the one signing for the package…

fair, not fairy. pet peeve

Yes, I am sadly unlikely to make it to NY until it’s much warmer - even though it snowed beautifully down here in NC yesterday.

Why did I purchase this offering so quickly? Well, I actually hesitated ever so briefly (obviously costing me the distinction of ‘first sucker’) because I wasn’t sure if it was a two-pack or two distinct wines. As soon as I realised it was the latter, I was sold.

I was excited about the previous offering even before the labrats reported, based on the winery’s site and amazing participation. I’d eyed the single vineyard offerings on their site with quite a bit of interest, especially after Shapley discussed how he makes single vineyard vs regional wines. I think that these wines will not only be highly enjoyable, but the whole set of five that I’ve now accumulated should educate me significantly.

Sorry about the mispronunciation, fair.

It looks like these go for $46 and $50 from the winery, but I think I spied the Savoy for a few dollars under $40 in Google. Admittedly, my search was short and pathetic!

For the first time ever, I am tempted to buy two. Oh, spending habits … why? WHY?! Time to brood.

Bought one, now am going to bed. Goodnight!

Shipped to Domaine of Communists.

Did I mention that, in addition to being First Sucker, my birthday was last Sunday? :slight_smile:

Hee! Does DC not light up? Do you reside in VA, but work in DC?

Belated happy bday, btw - you’re such a capricorn, but I can probe your astrological self more thoroughly (uhh, that sounds dirty) if you know your exact time and place of birth. I doubt you buy into astrology (I can’t fully myself), but it can be fun. :smiley:

$92+ shipping on their site. Broke as a joke. Bought yesterday… buying today. Hope I don’t get laid off. Thanks Woot!

This was discussed a bit on the previous offering . . . . La Encantada Vineyard is Richard Sanford’s new vineyard in Santa Rita Hills. Sanford was the first vintner to realize the potential of the appellation and plant Pinot Noir.

He’s also principled. He essentially gave up his name to his Sanford Winery partners, Terlato Group, so he could farm and make wine the way he wanted to instead of solely maximizing profits. I’m also pretty sure he’s no longer directly involved with Sanford & Benedict Vineyard. Now he’s started up a new winery, Alma Rosa, with his own vineyard, La Encantada.

Anyway, the point is, if such a principled vintner would give up so much to make wine his way, he’s likely not going to sell his grapes to a producer who will mistreat them. Or you could look at it as a top producer sourcing from a top vineyard. Either way you look at it . . . .

o.k. help a noob. i have purchased many many ww’s over the past few years. all have been great, frankly. the discussion is now on the level of folks starting vineyards and then wineries to go with? i am -slowly- adapting into the world of wine and enjoying my education, but i need more info now.

are the grapes/wine/winemaker good enough for me to part with 32.50 per x two on this? how good a sense of wine do i need to go above my self-imposed limit of 25 bucks (with shipping) per bottle?

perhaps these are all questions i need to ask myself (and i am) but i read many comments before i hit the shiny gold button typically and i have come to purchase many ww’s based on what you regulars post…

many thanks and apologies for the long post.