Roger Roessler’s R2 Wine Co. Red - 4 Pack

Roger Roessler’s R2 Wine Co. Red - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2009 Black Pine Pinot Noir
2 2009 Rhapsody Rhone Red
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Previous offer:

Is this the Pinot everyone is always raving about on here?

2009 on winery site is 23.50 x 2 = 47
2008 is $24 x 2 = 48
total = $95 + s&h
seems like a reasonable deal
Anyone tasted these wines and have anything to add. I’m extremely interested about thoughts on the Pinot Noir. Thank you in advance.

To Ohio Shipping is $16.20 +sales tax $5.23
For a total of $116.43
Actually pretty great deal.

Was there any smoke taint with the 08 Pinot?

the Black Pine is 2009 also.
PS. Based on the voicemail\audio and the zoom of the bottles.

Black Pine Pinot is listed as 2008 and also stated so in the description. I do notice now that in the pic if you click on it is says 2009.

I just bought one and am hoping it was the 2008 as everything else on the page implied.

The Rhapsody was recently a Rhone-style pick in the SF Chronicle:

<< 2009 R{+2} Wine Co. Rhapsody en Blu Santa Ynez Valley Red ($23.50, 14.7%): You might know Roger and Richard Roessler from their Sonoma-based Pinot label, but they sold last year to St. Helena’s Hall Winery and moved on to this new effort. Stylish wood tones arrive first, melded with pretty wild strawberry (it’s mostly Grenache, plus Syrah, Carignane and Mourvedre) and licorice, and a root-like earthiness. Big and chewy. >>

Courtesy of CJ:

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I got the '08 black pine in a previous woot, and I thought it was definitely on the thin, value pinot side of the house, and was disappointed compared to my experiences with the Roessler’s I’d had from woot before, Bluejay and La Brisa. My CT notes for the '08 Black Pine from 6/20/10:
“Nose is not too strong, slowly opened after about 1.5 hrs decanting, sour black cherry, acetic acid, a hint of baking soda. Taste is fairly acidic, more black cherry, a bit more vinegar then I’d like, but rather smooth overall. Enjoyable enough for the price.”
I haven’t revisited since, 2 more in the cellar…I’d like to try the rhone though, hmm…

I’ve got a call in to check on this.

I passed on the white offer thinking that I would much prefer the same offer in red (2X2).
And low and behold here it is, now I have to think hard about this one.

I really liked the 08’ Black Pine and I really enjoy GSM style blends so you would think this is a now brainer. But I still don’t really have space for any more wine.

My notes for the 08’ Black Pine.
8/1/2010: Color is a little dark for a typical pinot, but the nose is mostly cherries with a little plum. It tastes excellent though. Especially slightly chilled on a warm summer evening. The plum and cherries really come through on day two, this could have been cellared for a few more years and it would have only gotten better.

In case you missed WD on the Good Life on Saturday … audio stream.

However, be aware that the host had the wrong number for WD, so there was a delay before WD talks (about 7 min, 30 secs)." width=150

Edit: Make that 15:40 into it. He starts talking about Wine.Woot at 7:30, but doesn’t talk to WD until 15:40.

yep, both are 2009. sorry for confusion.

If this is the '08 offering the cellar tracker description gives a 2010 to 2015 drinking window on the Pinot. If it is the '09 should we expect a similar lifespan? Also as always a drinking window on Rhone Red would be appreciated. I am currently out of Pinot and would like to stock back up. I hope to get some participation again.

Woot, please cancel my order. When I placed it everything on your website stated the pinot was the 2008. I will be e-mailing you about this too. Thank you.

Good question… inquiring minds want to know.

you cannot go wrong with a Roessler wine… The original Roessler label makes some of the best old-world style pinot noirs in the USA. Great opportunity to try a new Roessler product (R2). The original Roessler was bought in to by Hall Wines and I believe this was created as a new side project for Roger Roessler.

I really liked the D’ontspille offered a while back. The winemaker was David Noyes, whose PN I sadly missed out on recently.

Here’s the discussion on the recent David Noyes '06,'07,'08 Pinot Noir Russian River Valley vertical.

Of note was Noyes’s comparison between his wines and Roessler’s:

I really missed the boat and didn’t get my order in and it sold out on the Noyes vertical. I think those were the PNs you were looking for. These will likely do in a pinch and seem a better value than the $20 a bottle drain pour stuff you see in the club stores.

As I’m going on a business trip, I won’t be home to receive the delivery, so the SIWBM must hold a little longer.

Pretty quiet around here… Must be the post-Irene clean-up.

In CT, still no power, phone or cable. Thank God for 3G!!

RE: the Black Pine. It was one of my favorite Woots and really opened my eyes to Pinot. It was full and fruity but not overpowering and went perfectly with Salmon, chicken or even lighter pork dishes. I believe it was the 2008.

I’m still not quite Paul Giamatti, but I have really begun to enjoy Pinots.

I’m in.