Rogue Wireless 10ft Lightning Cable

Isn’t “wireless cable” a bit of an oxymoron.


I’m not positive but I think Rogue Wireless is the branding.

Umm… What’s a “wirre”? (second product image)

I was about to buy this, but I just can’t bring myself to trust a product when the promotional materials are so badly written (see also “Improve efficiency, to save the time” and “Stable and durable, high quality nylon wire, fine braided.”)

No matter how many people proofread, one error always slips through.

Anyway, the vendor provided these. Sorry they bother you.

If you have a cover on your device, this cable may not fit into the connector hole. That part of this cable is very wide, I had to return the one I ordered for that reason.

What case did you have? I’m wondering if these will work for life proof cases for a 7+ and 8+.

MFi certified? Or do we just expect these to stop working at the next update?

Yes, they are certified.

Could you please email me with the definition for MFi certified? Why do the vendors or WOOT or whomever is using all the abbreviations take it for granted that everyone is familiar with definitions? Help?

Another thing just FYI (for your information)
I received my order for 10 ft 3pk braided cables yesterday. The shipper did not provide notice of shipment. Also the item number listed on packing list read 10 ft 4pk braided cables. No manufacturers name listed on list or cables. Hopefully these are still certified and they work period. The item posted on WOOT says Rogue Wireless cables and has a different cable pictured than the cables I received. They have entirely different end connections. On WOOT, USB end is shorter and made of what appears to be hard shiny plastic and outline pic of USB is highlighted in white, but what I received is longer ends and USB outline is black. Also ends made of softer dull appearing plastic. Flip side of USB end of cable has two capital C’s overlaid. One C over the other C. The cables were shipped in clear cellophane bags inside the white plastic bags we all know and love.


MFI Certification is an Apple thing. Good ol’ Wikipedia has the answers.

If you’re unhappy with the cables, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I’m letting the team know of the differences as well.

I ordered these in mid-April. Within 1-2 months I was having problems with the one I was using intermittently refusing to work but usually seemed happy if I unplugged and flipped around the lightning end or unplugged the USB end briefly. Now after 3.5 months I cannot get the cable to work at all. As I have pets, I checked to be sure the cable had not been chewed but it appears to be in perfect condition except for it’s inability to conduct electricity.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. These have a one year warranty from Purtech.