Rokinon 10x25 Infra-Vue Binoculars



i love these… here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links for this item… i think i’ll be able to find a few… nite vision?


Note: Pricing info has been reposted here for future reference, because it is generally no longer available elsewhere once we’ve moved onto the next Woot.

Rokinon 10x25 Infra-Vue Binoculars
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Rokinon 10x25 Infra-Vue Binoculars


So these don’t actually let you “Vue” infrared?


I’m in for one, $25 on overstock


so are they infrared or not?


Ooooooh, My hot neighbor is going to hate me with these.


Purchased last time offered. I thought they were sold for 4.99 . Anyway will use them for hunting this monday. Very nice quality for the price.


it’d be sweet to view infrared.
still, they look pretty stout.


Nope only Porro Prism


Great price, these will sell out. In for 3…


Really, folks, don’t expect too much from a pair of ten dollar binoculars. Would you use a pair of ten dollar prescription glasses? In optics, you get what you pay for. Still, good for kids, and brief uses, like the aforementioned girl next door. I am guessing it would be a really quick use…Ha ha ha. Plus, big bonus, they are “infra-vue”. Wow. Better than “intra-dimensional-vue”.


I don’t think that holds true on Woot! You usually get a lot more than you pay for…
In for Three, seeing that they are $25 on, great small gift :slight_smile:
Great Sellout



Actually, they DO pass the infrared. It’s just your EYES that don’t view it.


hunting for … ?

last time they were 10x21 for 4.99… these are supposedly slightly larger in glass diameter.


Well said. I stand corrected. They are worth a bit more than ten dollars.


I believe the other offering was for 10 x 21 binoculars, same manufacturer, same “misleading” name (infra-vue). I bought three as stocking stuffers back then, or I’d be in for three tonight. Not terrible quality, not great either - good for the 5 bucks each I gave - these are slightly better (I’m sure worth the 10 bucks). That said, if you are wanting (or needing) a good binocular, it’ll cost you - good optics cost good money, and there’s no way around it. But, as has been mentioned before here, 25 or 30 bucks will go a long way on eBay for a superior binocular (just a little older, but none the worse for wear). Check the archives for the older discussion thread on the last binocular offering.


useless, what could i do with these that wouldn’t get me arrested? -_-


You’re kidding yourself if you think you will have them by “this monday”.


Just prepare yourselves for the inevitable “optic snobbery” that will profess how these are so inferior and will hurt your eyes and aren’t as good as the $1200 set of [insert brand name here] they purchased blah blah blah.

They are $10 binoculars…nobody is expecting Leupold or Trigicon quality here.