Rokinon Infra-Vue Light Enhancing 7X50 Binoculars


anyone know anything about these? I have been looking for a good pair of binoculars.


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Rokinon Infra-Vue Light Enhancing 7X50 Binoculars
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Rokinon Infra-Vue Light Enhancing Binoculars 7X50


Worth it if you’re in the market…

Amazon link


plastic crapola


Looks like a solid woot – Amazon and Overstock want $75 - $80 for these


“Infra-Red Filtration”

Please clue me in. Why?



so far i bought almost all binocs offered by woot. i’m weak like that, although i know that at these prices it is crap…

Military Tested??

by which army?


And what were the results of their tests?


For the super model stalking sports fan…


Salvation army.


7X isn’t very powerful


it really doesn’t mean anything. pretty much any and every glass filters out Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet.


It kinda helps make the picture better. Infra red is basically heat, we can’t see it but we can feel it. Ultra violet is what harms your skin (and eyes) but it can’t pass through a glass medium, so anaytime you have glass between you and the sun you are protected from UV light. I don’t know why you would need to block either unless you were using these to monitor the Sun…

maybe someone else can help, I am only a Chemisty major.

It says rubber armored, is the case plastic or metal?


Not expecting too much for the price and name, but n41. Should suffice for my purposes, since I’ve never owned a pair of binoculars and have wanted a pair for awhile.


spynacoluars, awesome




I want to know more about the light enhancing part of them. How good are they in low light situations? I’m interested in them for birding purposes and don’t need anything too expensive since that is what the camera is for.


These are only 7 power which is pretty weak. For inexpensive descent binnies try MEAD brand. They have something in every price range. Remeber with optics you get what you pay for!!


would these be usable in normal and high light conditions as well, or just with low light?