ROKINON Super Wide Angle Lens - Canon AE

I miss the old Woot. Oh well. Big business.

This 14mm Ultra Wide-Angle f/2.8 IF ED UMC lens sells all day at B&H for $339. Also cheaper at other stores.

Also, why is the 3 product shot not showing the mm size description.

Why are we being blinded?

I see $499 at B&H.

And I’m not sure I understand your second question.

I Should have said the non AE model is $339. Same glass,etc. You don,t need auto focus on an extreme wide angle. The depth of field is very deep.

2nd part-- needs 14mm stated on the header.Nneed click to find the 14mm,

I don’t think there’s anything electronic about these lenses.

Edit: never mind. auto exposure on the canon one.