ROKK Cirrus Double Airbed Battery Pump

I swear to god if I see one more freaking air mattress today I’m going to drive to Texas with a needle and start popping.


ANOTHER DAMN AIRBED! Serious? :confused:

In all seriousness, though, the only air mattress I’ve ever owned is a ROKK, and it’s almost as quality as my first post. Which, according to Woot, is pretty quality.

holy freaking mattresses, batman! i will likely have nightmares of air mattresses attacking me after this woot off.

I only just now figured out why they are running so many airbeds today… prep for visiting relatives! I’m such an airhead sometimes…

What’s that mean in plain English?
In other words, experience with/comments on comfort, weight-limit, deflation during use, effect of tossing, etc.

That shit is quality bro.

“Double Airbed Battery Pump” suggests you’re selling a battery pump for a double airbed.

Was the ampersand key not working?

I figured if I finally bought one they’d stop wooting them…we’ll see.

the boc`s are going to be so big they are going to use these as air bags in them.