Roku 1 Streaming Media Player

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Roku 1 Streaming Media Player
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Bring back Roku 3! I missed it twice!! AHHH!

So just so I understand, you have to have digital access (meaning you are paying a cable bill) for these channels. I can’t watch Showtime if I’m not paying for Showtime, but I can watch HBOGo because I am paying my cable provider for HBO. Is this right?



There are some truly free channels, but most of the good ones you have to already pay for in some way. (netflix, amazon, hbogo, etc) Also be aware that some channels (like History) only work with certain provides (ex: Direct TV not Dish) due to agreement limitations.

Also, the Roku 1 is not compatible with Amazon’s Music App. I have one and I was very disappointed.

Roku: The Sandisk Sansa of Woot 2014


I bought a Roku 2 from woot a while back and I use it on my TV in the guest room. It’s streaming on the cheap. It works, but like said before it’s no leader in the business.

I am holding out for a Zune.