Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player

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Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player
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Roku makes media watching so much easier. I set mine up in combination with a Serviio Server for remote streaming. There are endless customization options. Wireless has a few issues here and there, but overall, a great buy.

I’m not sure why you’d buy this one. Roku has a brand new 3500R (same form factor approx as the Chromecast) for $50. Why buy old tech for more?

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Thinking about snagging one for my mom’s birthday-- she has an old school t.v. and just needs something that runs Netflix. Is the interface user friendly? I heard stories about the differences between Roku 2 and 3…

If it was a 3, I’d be in for one or two. I kinda want the ethernet jack. But honestly, it’s previously loved for the same price as a streaming stick. It doesn’t seem like much of a deal.

This is worth it for the ear buds (or headphone capability)!
I can watch Netflix/Hulu/whatever on my regular TV at night and my kids don’t hear a peep!!!

this is not a deal compared to the 3500R stick mentioned in a prior post (thanks for that also sir), but I think it might be worth getting one just for that headphone jack for when the lady goes to sleep and whatnot.

Any owners of both Roku 2 and 3 care to comment on differences ? I only have the 3 and absolutelly love it, wondering if Roku 2 performance is on par for media play,dont really care about games.

Here is a quick comparison of the current Roku models -
One of the main reasons for wanting a Roku 2 over the 3 or the stick model is the composite video and analog audio out. The person I’m thinking of getting one for has an older Sony digital TV with no HDMI.

A question for any owners of the Roku 2 - Does the Netflix app support profiles yet? Last info I could find the 3 supported Netflix profiles but the 2 still did not.

But you can check eBay for just the remote, buy that, and save a few bucks. I plan on getting one to replace the rather crap remote I have for the streaming stick.

How does this differ from the XDS version? I got my XDS here a couple years ago and it’s been behaving oddly, figured it might be time to replace it (but am thinking I should wait for a good deal on a 3?)

Last I checked, mine did not yet support Netflix profiles unfortunately. I haven’t turned it on in a month or two, but I doubt they’ve updated since then.

From my dealings with a friends Roku the interface is fairly friendly once you get everything set up. Watching the automatic suggestions from Netflix is straight forward though features beyond that, like search, start to become more time consuming due to the lack of a keyboard. However, if your mother is anything like mine (in her seventies and doesn’t have a computer) fewer buttons is a feature not a bug.

Be aware that you can not natively use the Roku 3 or the stick with a television that does not have HDMI.

Love them both. Roku 2 has AV out, not just HDMI which is nice. I don’t think you can get youtube on the 2, but can on the 3.

Thanks so much for the info redcore.

From what I’ve heard, the Roku will default to the first profile in your Netflix account. Maybe playing musical chairs with my profiles could get the one I wanted on the Roku, but I’m not going to risk 55 bucks to find out.

Tech-impaired…Is Roku in any way helpful if you already have Samsung smart TV hooked up to the Internet?

Its like having basic cable (Samsung) or the Top channel package (Roku)

I recomend getting the Roku 3 tough. It’s about $80 on Amazon.

i got the roku 3 and roku 2. when i use the 2 it automatically goes to the netflix main profile also when watching a tv series on the roku 3 the next episode plays automatically and with the roku 2 it doesnt