Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player

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Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 11 to Tuesday, Aug 12) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’ve been on woot for years and have never seen one of these. What is it?

It’s a Roku 2

I bought a refurb Roku 2 here a few months ago and constantly have network connectivity issues and the device freezing. Has anyone else experienced these issues?

You know, Roku, the hero from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series, unless I’m wrong Woot means this:

Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet and check out the product page

Comments/Discussion from a previous sale


I bought a refurbished Roku 3 on Woot a few months ago. It arrived in perfect condition - even the batteries were wrapped in plastic. I had it all set up and working in minutes.

Two days after I got it, the box stopped responding. However, before giving up hope, I replaced the batteries in the remote and suddenly everything was back to normal.

I love it.

I rarely get a connectivity issue with my Roku 2. As far as freezing goes, with the heavy amount of use we have gotten out of it in NEW condition since December, it was freezing maybe once a month. Nothing to big of a deal, I just unplug then plug back in, 5 min wait, then I’m back to binge tv show watching.

Thanks Bluejester… that sorted it out for me. :slight_smile:

me me me! I bought 2 refurbed roku 2’s from woot and the wifi on each was horridly buggy and droping connections every minute or two…

These are very versatile devices but wireless connectivity can sometimes be problematic. For rock-solid performance look for a model with an ethernet port. Even better, find one with the USB port and you can sneaker-net all kinds of media. The latest model 3 has these bells and whistles but the older XDS and Roku 2 XS will do it all, too.

I bought this exact model (also refurb) on Woot last month. It looked brand new when I got it, plastic film and all, and has worked beautifully. No connectivity issues whatsoever, even with my terribly slow internet service. The only problem I have with it is that my TV consumption has skyrocketed in the last month.

I too bought a refurbished Roku 3 on Woot a few months ago. Haven’t had a single problem. Love it! Canceled my DirectTV. Savin’ all kinds on cash. We watch our HuluPlus, Netflix, HBOGo etc.
One problem I had…missed live news (Fox,CNN,whatever). USTVNow…problem solved.

No problem. :wink: I just want to note the reason he looks so different in the pictures on Woot today is because Roku has achieved Super Saiyan level “plaid.”

I bought a 2 here a few months back and, while not used daily, it has been 0 problems.
Except for…
1200 freakin’ channels. Some of great interest, others(the Irish Grass Growing Competition Channel, Men Without Matching Socks Channel)not so much.

Me. My Roku had been working fine for years until they sent out a software update that caused the unit to randomly reboot after a few random freezes. (It occurred more frequently on Amazon than on Netflix.) On Amazon I couldn’t get through a movie without the unit restarting. I checked out Roku support and they knew their updates were causing trouble but were doing nothing to fix them. I finally had enough of being encouraged to buy a new Roku and bought a Fire TV unit. So far so good. I just wish Fire had a Vudu app.

(Note: Mine was the Roku 2 XS and it was hardwired to my router. Wireless is flaky on most streaming units.)

If this were the 2SX model with the motion remote, I’d consider getting it for my girlfriend (and get my Roku 3 back). $39.99 + $5 shipping + sales tax (for a lot of us now – almost another $3 for me) is $47.79. That feels like too much for a refurb of this generation and model Roku.