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**Item: **Roku 2 XD Streaming Media Player
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Too bad you missed the Krampus earlier.

Bought one of these the last time and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again, especially after the first generation of roku. While the first gen was good, the second offers more channels such as PBS and PBS kids. Load time for streaming seems quicker. I also like having closed captioning on Netflix-a feature not available on the first generation. I’ve bought refurbished rokus and have had no problems.

I love my Roku (I have 2 of these XD’s). They are simple to set up - just plug it in and make a few clicks to sync it up with your wireless router.

Navigating once it’s hooked up is simple enough that my 5 year-old can figure it out. He now zips around Amazon Prime and streams Power Rangers videos with it.

The new model is $99, so I highly recommend this!

CNet Overview/Roku Differences

Here’s a feature comparison chart for the Roku 2 and 3 models.

Made by a Reddit user talked about here:

Speaking as a person who upgraded from a 2XS to a 3, I can report that the speed increase is so slight you probably won’t notice.

The increased memory in Roku 3 is also not needed unless you subscribe to a ton of channels or install a lot of apps (of which, there aren’t that many). Given that the 2XD being sold today doesn’t do games (with the IR game remote), you’re not going to need lots of space anyway. And by the way, the games are lousy – another reason not to buy the Roku 3.

I recommend buying a Roku 2 HD, XD or XS on the cheap. Then, check back this time next year to see if the Roku 4 has any worthy new features (Roku typically releases new models every year. 2013 was skip-worthy.)

For what it’s worth, I gave away my ancient Roku XDS (circa 2010) and it’s still a solid box worth using (it can’t play a handful of channels that use some newer features, but very few channels fall into this category). So don’t let the upgrade cycle scare you off. There’s usually little reason to upgrade, except for extremely avid Roku fans.

So, why Roku? It’s the best, and simplest, streaming box on the market. You can also stream from a computer using Plex. And for those who say it lacks a Youtube channel (because Google hasn’t produced one), hey, there’s a developer channel you can self-install that does Youtube wonderfully.

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at


Check out this review/setup [youtube=fiiXRP7S64Q][/youtube]

same price
free shipping

[MOD EDIT: Different model, today’s offer is for the Roku 2 3050B XD]

Got mine a month ago at $50. Very good deal here. For some reason mine came with RCA to RCA cables which are not compatible with this model. Odd.

$50 from Amazon Prime with HDMI cable

Sir…its not the same. Kindly, check it (especially the resolution supported). This (woot) is better.

It’s not the same model, and it’s only the same price after you pay Woot shipping ($39.95)

That model does 720p. This one does 1080.

Not the same model. HD not XD.

Really annoyed that I bought from Woot on the Krampus earlier and paid $10 more less than 24 hours ago. Who needs the bonus remote? Not cool at all.

will this support Vudu channel? YouTube? My old one wont

Do these new ones have an OTA antennae connector? I know some Boxees do, but wasn’t sure if Roku had added them yet.

I’m still living with my only Gen 1 Roku I bought here refurb (the wifi never did work). It’s getting pretty old to the point where I have to reset the thing once a day.

Edit: Never mind. I just now saw the photo of the back. It has no antennae hook up.

engadget brings all sorts of reviews together and tests out four different media streamers

Question: any easy way to set up and access a local video library server from this Roku? Assume that I know how to rip DVDs (yes, I know limited resolution) and get the files into the correct format.


XBMC software for your PC does pretty much the same as the ROKU but only costs a couple of three bucks.