Roku 2 XS Media Player w/2 Remotes

I have 4 rokus in my home and they are excellent. We use them to stream Amazon Prime video, Netflix, PBS, Crackle, and

We cut out cable completely and are saving over $100 a month by not having it. The rokus basically paid for themselves in a couple months. A roku and a digital indoor tv antenna is really all you need anymore.

All of the roku’s I’ve purchased have been refurbished and haven’t had a single problem with any of them.

They are always in crystal clear HD no matter if we’re streaming 1 box or 4 at once.

For all you cable bundle people, if you buy a roku, an ooma, and an tv antenna you can get rid of your $150+ bundle and just get internet from the cable company and save, save, save.

Check out this Cnet Review with Apple comparison

I can’t say enough about how much I love my Roku XS. It rates right up there with my Pyrex as my favorite item in the house. It does everything I need in a streaming media player and I really like the fact that I can stream content from my iPhone to the Roku.

Read and watch this “excellent” review, courtesy of cnet and this “good” review over at

We have two Roku XS boxes (one in the bedroom and one in the living room). We absolutely love them. Saves us a ton of money by cutting cable and just having a Netflix and Hulu account.

I have to say though, the retail price is listed at $115. Since when? The Roku XS was no where near that, even when they first came out (I think they were $60). The extra remote only retails for $24…

This was on a woot about 2 weeks ago or so for around $50, which I missed. I got my father one last Christmas he likes it. While YMMV, its really pretty good with the 1080p on the FIOS and on monitors without the built in programming.
( more channel options )
I think though a Playstation is better where we stream to a dedicated projector which also plays blu ray. But you can’t beat the hookup and plug and play of this box which makes it easy to take with you, even if just to another room. There’s media server options too.

Plex is a must have app on a Roku.

I belive Roku doesn’t support XBMC. You’re still paying something for Netflix and Hulu, but with XBMC, there’s no cost at all.

Wanted to throw in my comment on these - they are great and for the price, assuming you have Netflix, Prime, or want to run Plex, they are really worth it. The only complaint I have so far about them is the software control - they do not allow you ANY control even though you are the “owner” of the box. The only thing I’ve ever owned that was similar turned into a useless hunk of junk when the company went bankrupt (spoiler if you wanted to guess - it was the Chumby).

If you are the type to be awake at 2am watching TV, you’ll find the Roku box will just suddenly freeze and reset. That’s how they do software updates - no notice, no options, just does them whenever they want and you’re stuck waiting five minutes or so while the box reboots. This cannot be opted out of and you cannot choose to delay the update. Probably a plus for most, but it annoys me as someone who hates the modern abuse of software “updates”.

You can get a Roku 2 XS w/ 2 remotes for 64.99 from newegg right now (with free shipping). The retail price on this is pretty misleading. Roku lists the current retail price of the newest model of Roku 2 as $80. Amazon lists the Roku 2 XS as having a MSRP of 89.99. Woot on the other hand lists it a $115.

That means the MSRP listed here is adding $25 for having an extra remote.

No matter how you look at it this is a lackluster deal. The Roku is a great product, but don’t fool yourself in to rushing to grab this deal when a Roku can be had for the same price or cheaper from many other vendors. Especially if you aren’t terribly interested in the extra remote.

Overall, I would say save your money and wait for a better deal. Very disappointing for a featured deal.

No roku support for XBMC. You can use Plex and DLNA to to do the same thing for no cost though.

It’s worth it to me for the extra remote. I’ve found with my husband and I we definitely need 2 of any remote around if possible. Not to mention we have a kid and remotes get lost regularly so a spare is not a bad idea. I think I might just pull the trigger finally because our old Sony Blu-Ray player we use to stream is having more and more buffering/loading issues and I HATE the user interface of it.

ETA: checked out Newegg and I think I’ll purchase there. Same deal w/ 6ft HDMI cable and a few dollars cheaper.

Wish it could also decode encoded cable signals and act as a DVR, but you can’t beat this for streaming everything else. It will woo take the place of my BoxeeBox, which was the first thing I bought from Woot!

You do realize that the one on Newegg for $64.99 is for a refurbished model, right?

This is slick because the condition is NEW and because it is difficult to locate new stock of this discontinued Roku.

Both of my Roku 2 XS devices are refurbs and the only problem I had (defective remote) was quickly fixed by Roku, so I have no problem with roku refurbs, but some people do, so here you go.

This bundle includes TWO bluetooth, motion controllers. This is kind of nice since you do not actually have to have line of sight to the Roku plus a lot of the games (which I never play) use the motion controller. The extra remote is $25 from Roku.

The Roku 2 XS happens to be the very best Roku. Here’s why…

The Roku 2 XS has composite and hdmi outputs, so it works with older televisions as well as modern HDTVs. You can use the composite audio to drive an auxiliary input on a home theater so that you can turn your tv off while enjoying internet radio or your MP3 collection on the Roku. The XS also has a usb port, so you can connect a usb disk full of videos or MP3s. The R2XS also has both wired and wireless ethernet. In my experience, the wireless radio is very good.

If you do not know what a Roku is, look here…

I need a device for Netflix that supports Closed Captioning like Wii does. Does the Roku have this function? Does it have search/browse and select for Netflix?

Yeah not sure where they got the MSRP, even from the ROKU site these were $99 when they were top of the line.

still a $30 saving and extra remote.

BTW, I’d take this over the NEW Roku 3 the blew horriblly as they have no audio out and no longer a USB port for external drives. Just HDMI.

Unfortunately they did drop the S-Video port on the 2 so not quite as good for dubbing streams to a DVD recorder. But at least the USB is still there.

The USB Port is great because I have a 2tB RAID hard drive I use to stream movies, music, audiobooks, pictures and even PDFs. Performance is better than optical drive because it is cached in two drives reading from two drives simultaneously.

This device does do Closed Captioning for Netflix. I keep it on all the time. I’m not sure on the other questions and don’t have access to the device to check right now.