Roku 2 XS Media Player w/2 Remotes

I’ve seen this for $40 on other sale-a-day sites.
Hold. Out.

TRY $50.

Woot, again with the Roku? After reviewing, I found the Matricom G-Box MX2. Similar features of Roku, including remote, Netflix and Hulu. But the MX2 has Android 4.2.2 for limitless apps & games, 4 USB slots, HDMI, SD, 8GB, dual core CPU, and YouTube (missing in Roku). Best of all is preinstalled XBMC, which you won’t believe me, so view an overview. I give Roku a plus for stability, ease of use, and market share. But for features, compare for yourself. Disclaimer: MX2 owner 2 months, with no issues.

you sure you have a Roku3? My Roku3 has not only a USB slot, but also a microSD slot too.

You are correct Roku 3 has usb and sd.

He may be referring to the new GENERATION 3 Rokus. The marketing guys at Roku decided to reuse Roku names so the Gen 3 Rokus are called Roku LT, Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3. Mostly they resemble the Gen 2 devices except that the R3 has a faster processor, the R3 and R2 have wifi remotes with earbud jacks, and the R3 does not have composite. Only the Gen 3 R3 has a USB plug. Feature summary table for all roku models here:

Unfortunately those reviews are very old and don’t show the new updated software which has a whole new interface and works even better!

Unless you use the gaming features, using the free iOS or Android app(s) is just as good and in some cases better as an extra remote, usually better for me as I don’t lose the phone or ipad in the sofa cushions as often. The purple strap does help me locate it faster than other remotes, though.

I love my XS and used to recommend them, but strongly agree with the post about the software. The manufacturer has a highly cavalier attitude about updates. Back in July they pushed an update that literally broke Pandora, it was skipping every 60 seconds and fully unusable. Only for those who don’t use HDMI for audio, so they clearly didn’t test it well. Took them about 2 months to fix it and push a new update, really teed me off. No opt out of updates, no rollback on firmware. The last major update last spring completely changed the UI and made the ad space several times bigger. What does the future hold for the software? Only the marketing team knows.

At least with the iPhone you get to choose whether to update the firmware, no such luck with a Roku.

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Believe it or not, there are reasons to have a Roku and an Apple TV, and I am now the proud owner of both for less than $125 total.

Why the Roku? Access to Amazon streaming, mainly. The Apple TV? Better Netflix streaming, access to iTunes media, and this unbelievable situation…

When you cut the cable, you may find cable providers soon offer your sweet deals, such as lowering the price of internet connection if you add basic cable channels and including free HBO for a year. I think this is all about the cable companies inflating subscriber numbers.

Anyway, on Roku I can download the HBOGo channel/app, but guess what? Comcast does not allow streaming of HBOGo on a Roku device! WTF? However, HBOGo works fine on my Apple TV. So just HBOGoFigure.

Excellent post, I’m glad someone else hasn’t fallen prey to the Roku marketing campaign. They’re not really all that great, especially considering it’s a proprietary app store with no youtube or other important streaming services. I’d much rather have a small android device behind my TV that I can actually control.

anyone know if this will work with the silicondust that was on sale yesterday??

$70? How is this a deal? The same thing sells for $75 over at Amazon. You get an extra remote with this, but who cares about that? I’d rather pay less for the Roku and one remote. And a $115 list price? Yeah, right. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone selling this model for that much. I’ll be skipping this one, Woot. Pretty weak.

As some have pointed out, Roku’s are great, but the prices here at WOOT! are not. Isn’t WOOT! owned by Amazon now?

$59.95 - On Amazon (with free shipping)

*[Mod note: Amazon sale is for a refurbished Roku, ours is for new + additional remote] *

Can you play movies from an external hard drive via the usb?

Anyone know what local media formats this thing supports? My Boxee just died on me and I need to find something to watch my networked dvd rips. Whether they’re avi, mov, iso or dvd format. Can this box handle those?

Question: Does the Roku use Hulu+ TV app or the Hulu+ Desktop app? I ask because there are differences the desktop app has more shows available to watch; and after a quick search…apparently its been discontinued.

They might not be “all that great” for everyone, but I love my Roku and that is from first hand experience… not from reading reviews or putting faith in marketing. Besides… I honestly don’t ever recall seeing an ad for Roku, so if they are spending money on marketing it hasn’t worked for me.

I bought one because I wanted a simple box that would steam all of my services. Roku does that - and so much more. They currently offer over 1000 channels! What other streaming box has such as wide range of offerings?

I probably have 30-35 channels installed that I use on a regular basis, but because of the wide user base new channels are added all the time, and the big players update their Roku apps on a regular basis.

You mention they don’t have YouTube and that is correct… it is the one thing I miss. However I’m not sure what other “important streaming services” you refer to since they have all of the most popular offerings. I use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Crackle, Vimeo, Vevo, PBS and Spotify all of which are available. There are also apps for Blockbuster on Demand, Redbox Instant, a dozen or so music / radio options, HBO Go… well hundreds and hundreds of channels most of which I can’t even think of. Aside from YouTube, are there really any important streaming services or in-demand channels out there that you can’t get on the Roku?

I actually love my first Roku so much (the XD model) that I just ordered a second refurbished XS the other day (had I know Woot would have offered this deal two days later I would have waited). I have other streaming options and have used SmartTV, a LG Blu-Ray player, a Toshiba Blu-Ray player, and a PS3 but none of them compete with the ease of use and flexibility of the Roku.

I have an iPad and an iPhone so naturally I considered AppleTV, but the last I checked they had a whopping total of around 20 channels and they cost around $100. Yes I could get YouTube on AppleTV, but there is no PBS channel, no Pandora (unless you want to stream from your phone to AppleTV) and only a few of the big players. Apple clearly controls what apps/channels are added, and thus far they are more interested in adding Apple content such as iTunes Radio instead of adding the channels that people really seem to want.

So right now - as far as simple boxes go that offer a multitude of channels, don’t require extensive customization, and have a large (and growing) user base ensuring content offerings will continue to grow… I can’t think of a better option than Roku - especially when you factor in the price.

I’m honestly pretty good with tech like this, but the whole PLEX thing is the most frustrating part about this whole “cut the cable” thing. There is honestly no way an average joe could use the Roku except to play netflix, hulu, etc. The supported apps are great. But PLEX is the worst thing I could ever come across. Please tell me i’m wrong for thinking this. Tell me that there is a FOOL-PROOF way to get PLEX up and running PROPERLY and not a complete mess.

TimeWarner Cable allows you to watch on Roku (I think it may be limited channels). Also, a new product is coming out from SimpleTV that allows over the air plus DVR to Roku.
I also think that the newer SiliconDust Prime boxes will have DLNA casting, so it may also work wtih the Roku soon (I’ve not seen a app for it yet) but no DVR.

Seems to always be some type of concession when you cut the cable. It’s been over a year and I have 3 Roku boxes and the over the air dual tuner HDHome from SiliconDust. I use Vista Windows Media Center as my DRV. Convert the recordings and stream with Plex to Roku. I don’t do this much as I have Amazon Prime, Netflix and HuluPlus. ($25 monthly). With Amazon Prime, I purchase the season passes for some of our favorite shows the same week they come out. Mad Men, American Horror Story, etc. Still cheaper than Cable/DirectTV.Hulu Plus has most of the network shows. I don use the Vista WMC except if I watch a sport event and want the DVR function or time shift ability to pause and rewind.

It costs me about $300 initial investment in equipment (3 Rokus, HDHomerun, etc) plus the $24 per month for the 3 streaming services to drop DirectTV. An occasional series to buy, but beats the over $1000 per year I was paying. I do miss ESPN, but not enough to go back.

Thanks for that info. I have not heard of the MX2 before. I looked it up and now find myself considering it over a second Roku…