Roku 3: Electric Rokuloo

I’ve seen these at $62 brand new. I’m expecting this model to go lower as they rolled out a new Roku 3 that has a new remote and voice search.

Where do you get these brand new for $62?

I just bought one of these and received it this week. Do make note that this is not the newest version of the Roku 3, but the one I got works just fine. The only missing feature I’m aware of is the voice search function, which can be accomplished with the free Roku app on iOS/Android.

The remote isn’t IR, so you don’t have to point it at the screen, which is nice. The box comes with Angry Birds Space, showcasing its gaming potential. The channel store for games shows very few worthwhile offerings, so don’t expect this to be used for that purpose often.

When I got mine, the remote had to be manually paired before it would operate correctly (it was going in and out at first), but once it was paired, everything went smoothly. Performance is fast, and you get everything you’d expect from a great streaming box. The Roku 2 I already have has basically the same degree of functionality, but I don’t regret my purchase. The Bluetooth remote is very convenient, and this prices out the same as a new Roku 2 currently, so it is a small upgrade for the same price.

It is also good to note that new Roku’s only have a 90 day warranty and these refurbished carry the same 90 day warranty. I bought a 2nd one, bought my first one about a year ago for $65 (Refurbished, still going strong).

Nebraska Furniture Mart had them at $62 a couple months back. Just keep an eye on slickdeals. This specific model will surely go down after the refresh. I bought one on CL unopened for $70 (this price) more than a year ago.

I believe Bluetooth is only used on the enhanced gaming remotes, otherwise it uses wifi, as my annoying little channel hogging Roku 3’s taught me when I first got them.

FWIW, I have both of the Roku 3’s, my first being a refurb from Woot over a year ago, and the latest was the new model I received last week (I was unaware it had changed, prior to receiving it).

Were it not for the extra buttons on the remote, I can’t tell them apart. The voice feature is semi-useless at the moment, but I expect they needed to get the hardware in production, and hopefully Roku apps will start to use them effectively as software updates occur.

Just got the factory referb I ordered from woot last week today. Remote won’t sync with the box “the nice chat person and I spent an hour trouble shooting it” so I can’t run through the setup. Contacted Roku and now we begin the ship it back to get another one process!

What a waste of time.

I have a Fry’s one that I bought new two years ago and three of the Woot recertified ones. Every single one works fine. However, there was a deal at Fry’s for Friday and Saturday one week ago and I bought one for $67 plus sales tax. (brand-new)

In many cases, wooters have been able to fix this by going through the update process.

Connect the roku to the Internet via Ethernet (not wireless)
Download their mobile app to navigate through the update process.
Once updated, the remote should pair.

We tried that too. Installed the app, it “found” the device but after “connecting” it would instantly lose it a second later. It then became a game of how fast can I click try again and atempt to get back to the controler screen to try and press the okay button. Needless to say after an hour with chat support we never got past “select a language”. I have my RMA and hopfully the next one won’t be a dud.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

It’s okay I still love you and Woot! Like everything in life there’s always the statistic and I just happened to grab the short straw on this occasion. Roku has been fabulous with the RMA process and I’m not angry just bummed out.

Not just you. My remote won’t pair, either. Also, the batteries that came with it were very dead. I’m wondering a little if this was legitimately refurbished or just labeled as such from the RMA bin and shipped out.

Same as so many others – won’t pair with remote; can’t connect to internet for “magical” firmware update which apparently cures all problems with the device.

Ethernet+app to set it up won’t work, either.

Roku was kind enough to offer to send us another refurb – once they receive this one shipped back at my expense.

We’re new to Roku (not streaming) and are not impressed.

I posted a support email to Woot. We’ll see how that turns out.