Roku 3: Electric Rokuloo

I like my roku 3, but the annoying thing (other than the setup) is that I keep needing to “authorize” my channels. I have Directv, and use the roku almost as a second receiver in another room. You can authorize additional content for the different channels by registering the device by tv content provider. It seems like every month I need to go in and re enable all my channels. Very annoying.

Bought one of these in the last sale, the afternoon of the 17th. Arrived last yesterday, the 17th. Hooked up last night and works great. I have an old Roku 2 XS. The Roku 3 is noticeably faster.

We bought this Roku 3 since our Roku 2 is about to go off to college with my older son. Roku is by far the easiest and highest quality way for him to stream anime and Japanese live-action shows through Crunchyroll. Originally, to do that, we had one of our computers hooked up to our Sony Bravia HDTV, but Roku makes everything easier and there’s very little content of any kind that we’re interested in seeing that isn’t available through one app or another.

If you’ve got a Smart TV with Internet apps and your wondering what the fuss is about, trust me, the Roku is easier than whatever you’ve got, unless it’s a Roku TV! We can access Netflix, Hulu, etc. through the Bravia apps, through Playstation Apps, through our new Samsung HDTV apps, and mirrored through our phones…but it’s a consistently better experience through the Roku.

Let me try this again. Bought on 14th, arrived late the 17th.

That usually happens when the app (channel, whatever) is updated, which happens transparently.

Can say enough good things about Roku 3 - very fast, smooth autoloading, ethernet hookup is great. AND supports profiles on Netflix, so those annoying anime cartoons stop showing up in my queue

There are already 2 versions of the 2015 Roku 3. I believe that the remote with the 4 dedicated buttons is the latest with voice recognition for search purposes. The one without the 4 buttons is very similar but has no voice search. Many of your buyers may be interested as to which model of the 2015 Roku 3 you are offering here. You have pictures of both. Come on, fess up!

I’m waiting for an answer before I buy… probably will sell out before I see an answer.

Which one is it the remote on the left or the one on the right with channels sectors? Make a difference to me.

The important thing to look at is the model number, not the pictures. This is NOT the 2015 model with voice search. This is the original model first introduced in 2013. Voice search is the only difference between the two. If you have the Roku app on a smartphone, you can use it for voice search.
Note: The one I bought last week has a different remote from the pictures. It has 4 dedicated channel keys for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Rdio.

For more information see:

So tempting especially since my last Woot Roku 2 refurb sound is messing up! Oh the American Dream!!

I have Direct TV as well. So you can use it as an other receiver? Do you register the Roku with Direct or how does it work?


Pretty sure he is referring to the MANY MANY cable/satellite tv channels with roku apps that require you to setup the connection through your satellite provider.

Like a TNT app that lets you watch all things TNT after proving you pay for it through your satellite provider by registering your roku online.

Mine just got here. More than a little unhappy. Tried for two hours to get the remote to pair. No luck at all. New remote pairs with my old Roku 3. Grabbed the smartphone and fired up the WIFI analyzer. Zero WIFI output from the new puck. Plugged in the old puck and WIFI is blazing away! The new puck is bad. Unit is supposed to be refurbished and tested. Mine obviously wasn’t tested. I’ve already paid shipping once. I’m going to be LIVID if I have to pay shipping AGAIN to get this replaced…

This happened to me about a month ago when I purchased my Factory Refurb off of woot. I called support and after trouble shooting they sent me an RMA. Sent the old one back and got another factory referb and the SAME thing happened. After calling them back again and trouble shooting they decided to send me the old IR remote that doesn’t require WIFI to work. Once the IR remote arrived I was able to complete the initial setup and update the firmware. After the firmware was updated the WIFI remote paired first try. If you haven’t already call them and see if they will send you an old IR remote or if you know someone with the old IR remote so you can complete the initial set up.

Just know this Comcast / Xfinity users, Roku is NOT suported by Comcast/Xfinity, so there is no way to “Prove” you pay for those channels if you use one of them. So No History, Comedy Central, A&E… Just be forewarned

Thank you SO MUCH for your post! I ordered a second Roku 3 because I didn’t think I could get two bad ones in a row. Second came and wouldn’t pair! Already got an RMA from WOOT to send back the second one. Just didn’t want to give up so I went searching for answers again and came back to look here again. Saw your post and that was the fix! I grabbed my Roku 2 remote and it worked. I had no idea the IR remote would work with it. Did the update and the new remote paired just like it should. Why oh why couldn’t Roku tech support have told me this? I wouldn’t have needed to send back the first one. Again, a million thank you’s for your post!