Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search
Price: $64.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Amazon Reviews

I’m sure that this will be removed, but I should say it late night when no-one is around. If you get a broken Roku 3, Woot will force you to handle it via woot support. I received a broken unit and attempted to return it within the first week of their 3 week return policy, but they did not care. All 3 of my support emails went nowhere. They explained over and over again that it’s Roku’s issue and not theirs.

Basically, Woot completely ignored their own 21 day return process for this product. They refused to allow me to return a broken product within their own return policy.

My short experience of dealing with woot support was very poor in my opinion. I decided to give them another chance. Because I enjoy their business model. I’m an internet marketer. So doing poor business with me would be a bad idea. Anyhow, hopefully they step it up, and ideally I won’t have to contact support every again.

Can voice search be disabled? To be more specific the microphone. I don’t like the idea of something with video or audio recording capabilities that I can’t control.

Somebody somewhere will probably figure out a way to hack it.

Other than having voice search and dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon, etc., can anyone say whether the performance of this version of the Roku 3 is any better than the standard version of the Roku 3?

I have an older Roku 3 that I got here on Woot and it has been working just fine, but I’m not yet sold that these added features alone would justify spending the money to replace it - unless there is something else going on that I don’t know about that could really shift the balance in favor of this unit over the last.

I really don’t think you will notice the difference. Seems this up"date" has a few added features for the remote. I have the 2013 model that uses my 5ghz side of my router.

Looks like the remote was the big update to the 2015 model. Here’s a good write up.

The only difference is the remote.

Roku’s warranty is 90 days parts and labor on refurbished products. The most common problem we see is remote not paired to the Roku unit. This can be fixed by removing battery cover, and pressing button to pair the remote to the unit.

I can’t say enough good things about the Roku. I now have the Roku 4 because I have an Ultra HD 4K TV which in essence requires it, but the convenience of all of the applications definitely can rid you of high priced cable TV. Sling TV (check out the website for what it includes to decide if the channel line-up is worth it and if Roku is for you) has been surprisingly great.

I never use the voice search, and I don’t see how you could accidentally use it, but have found the headphone feature a plus at times. No complaints here at all! It sucks that I waited so long to get it!

You could always cover the speaker with a piece of tape. :wink: I don’t know of any option to disable it. But, it isn’t one of those things you accidentally do. I type my searches which is probably worse if someone wanted to spy on me. :slight_smile:

I suggest a new sealed Roku 2 for the same price at Monoprice:

Same internals, only the remote does not have voice search or the headphone jack.

I purchased this when offered a few weeks ago. Finally had a chance to hook it up today. Other then the remote and voice, which I couldn’t get to work I see no difference between this and the previous Roku 3 which I also have. Haven’t spent a lot of time with it and will try troubleshooting the voice function. This is the second factory reconditioned Roku I purchased from Woot! The first one is still working great and other then the box looked brand new. Same for this one and hoping it performs as well as the other. As for Woot! c/s I’ve only had too reach out to them once for something. It was an easy quick experience!

Ok, I know very little about this so please help. Do I need to keep cable to use the Internet? Do I need a special modem? A certain minimum speed for my internet? Do I need to pay for HBO? Can I skip forward/backward, skip commercials, pause, program recordings, record multiple shows, watch shows previously aired? I’m a bit confused about what money it will save me as well.