Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search
Price: $64.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 17) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I just bought one of this few days ago. This thing is great, big improvement from previous version. Remote control is more solid built and you can point it opposite direction and it will works. The processor is really fast and the apps load really fast.

I only have this thing for few days and hope it will last.

Got one last time these were up for same price, nice little boxes and they support Plex and a lot of other streaming services, many free.
Problem I have is mine does not like H264 1080p MKV files and shows some artifacts when playing them in Plex, everything else plays great.
Might be a setting in the Roku and Plex I’ve missed. My Android quad core media player plays them fine in Plex, and everything else as well but it’s not as easy to setup and use for a novice that just wants to plug and play.
Its a nice box even with that quibble and I’m glad I got one, gives me more options for streaming services and apps that may or may not work as well in other platforms.

I have the previous version (non-voice search) and I love it. I’ve had Rokus since version 2 and they are great. My Roku 3 (no voice search) was refurbished and has had no problems.

I just recently learned newer version like this one do Screen Mirroring for my Samsung phone. You also can install the Roku App on your phone and use it as a Roku remote. It’s much faster to type in a search term on your phone than typing by the Roku remote. But then this unit has voice search.

The only problem I have had is once every few month the remote seems to stop working. I replaced a set of batteries once, and the last time I simply pulled the batteries and then reinstalled them. Problem solved.

I’m buying one for another room.

That’s odd, my Roku 3 has no problem with 1080p H264 MKV content. Maybe your server isn’t fast enough? I’m actually surprised I can do 720p H265 content though 4K H265 doesn’t work (my understanding is that Roku 4 can play this though), not sure about 1080p H265.

Roku k’joob: Nice job, Woot Writer, rendering “Walrus” to “Wireless.” Liked it!

My current ROKU device needs to be reset at approx. 8:30pm CST every evening. If I bought this ROKU 3 would my problem be solved? If not, what would cause this malfunction?

Do these or does this model 3 have 4k or 4K pass through and is it compaitable with 3D please?

Thanks !

Mine plays H264 720p fine, 1080p it gets some weird color blotch artifacts so maybe it’s some setting I haven’t tried here.
Did a little research but nothing so far has changed that one issue.
My server is a I980 6 core with 16 gig of ram and 12 virtual cores and I have a wired gig network so doubt the box is the problem.
If you have any settings that might help let me know, other then that it works great.

Similar problem here. Except the video freezes and skips so badly, the result is unwatchable.

Oddly the Plex app that comes with my Samsung HDTV plays the same file flawlessly. Go figure.

That’s really strange, definitely your server and network seem fine. I have zero issues 1080p H264, it’s really only 4K and higher def H265 that gives it problems. Perhaps you have a Plex setting issue? One wrong setting and it’ll sink you, plus updates don’t fix it as they save your settings. I had one issue that required me to uninstall Plex on my server and reinstall it just so I could get the default settings back.

For me it’s either this or a refurbished PS3 from Newegg at $90. (I’m a computer, not console gamer). Anything that would tip the scales one way or the other?

Great lyrics.

Try doing a system update from the Settings menu. If there is a more recent version of the firmware available then I suggest you go with it. Might help, might not…

I’ll have to play around with it and see if anything makes it happy but as long as one of my players play em fine I guess I’m OK, just like to make all my stuff work as well as it can.
I’m sure somewhere there is a guide for the folks having similar issues. Could be any number of things that might not affect other boxes doing similar playback.
Plex looks a bit different in Roku too, I think they use the mobile GUI and I like the PC/computer one better.

So, got a dead unit on the last Woot offering. Seems the remote wouldn’t pair with the unit. Ran through all the helpful troubleshooting options on the Roku site…nothing. Three support chats, about three hours, and multiple incantations (short of handstands and duct tape) to try to get it working…nada. So, back it goes with RMA for a replacement.

Lessons learned.
1.) Sometimes you roll the dice on a refurb.
2.) Roku site has solid self-support options
3.) Chat support is helpful, but a little time consuming
4.) Roku did right by offering to replace. They even gave me the option to work through them or Woot. Having had not-so-good returns experience with Woot, it was nice to work direct with the OEM.