Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player with Voice Search
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I have gen 1, 2 and 3 rokus. 5 total through out the house. I use the 3 in my bedroom so I can watch tv sometimes using the earbuds (do yourself a favor, get some higher quality buds) but it’s fast. Pulls up menus faster then the others but I’m also using it on my 5ghz wifi band. If you have a gen2 or later and/or was thinking about getting a roku, these 3’s are a good step up.

Bought mines (refurb) from Woot, remote wouldn’t sync (defective unit). Sent to Return fulfillment center, and after about 2 weeks of back and forth with chat reps. received brand new Roku 3. After reviewing return issues of other customers, feel like I’m one of the lucky ones. All in all; happy with my purchase.

Mines pretty cool and supports all kinds of free and pay streaming services. Mine worked right outa the box and I have Plex installed on it though my stand alone Android Media Player does a better job of playing Plex H264mkv video then this does though it may just be some setting I’m missing.
If your really into everything online and other streaming services this thing is a great cheap introduction that works and has some cool unique features.

All of my apps work on my roku 3 except for netflix. I now have to watch netflix on my xbox or computer intead.

I had a problem with Netfilx on my Roku 3 a while back. I called customer customer service and they walked me through getting it fixed. The server name had changed but they were able to get it corrected.

I got one of these the last time they were offered. I’m having a hard time understanding the advantage of my ROKU over my Amazon Fire Stick.

The remote syncing thing seems kinda common. Happened with mine, purchased New bc we didn’t have them for sale at the time.

Like others, I downloaded the mobile app and used it as a remote to guide the Roku through the updates. Then it paired just fine.

I’ve bought 2 of these Roku 3 from woot and love them. One of them arrived with a dead remote, but it was quickly replaced.

It works flawlessly with YouTube & Neflix. I really love that it does screen-mirroring with my android phone.

I have the bedroom Roku connected to a wireless on/off remote since Rokus don’t have a power switch. You either leave it on/standby all the time or pull the power cord’s barrel plug from the Roku to turn it off. You can also just plug into a power strip with on/off.

If the LED o your remote doesn’t light during the “pairing” process and different batteries don’t fix it, your remote is dead, call the 800 number and they’ll send one out ASAP. You Must Have a Working Remote to activate the Roku. After it’s been activated you can use the Roku phone app as a remote. But the remote must work at least once before you use the phone app.

Update. I tried my netflix again today just for kicks. It now works. Thanks woot tech support.

Day 2 of dealing with Roku tech support. Haven’t gotten the remote to work yet. Been asked to change dns setting and router security. Still doesn’t work. Grr

FWIW, other wooters have reported success by downloading the Roku remote app to your phone. Use it to navigate through set up so it updates. Once the update is done, the remote will pair fine. Worked for mine.