Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 10 to Tuesday, Mar 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Love my Roku3. Paid $30 more than this. Highly recommend.

I am running MediaTomb under Linux to serve MP4 videos to my Dish Hopper.

Will this Roku 3 play those?

Darn, did it again!
I was going to buy a couple of those batteries when I got home, as that’s where I keep my plastic, and my secure machine.
Oh well, maybe they’ll come around again, like the camera did last month.

NOOOOOOO. On the other hand, maybe it was the Woot gods telling me to save my money :slight_smile:

Oh, so that’s where my Beta’s BOC Roku went.

Absolutely the best thing out there. Killer price. I think I may have to pick another one up for my bedroom upstairs…

So I guess the one deal a day is gone now too?

I’m starting to care less and less about this website.

I bought 2 of these recently and love them. If you have any remote troubles change the batteries, the batteries in both of mine were almost dead.

Got one of these during the last wootoff! Previously had a roku 2 XD that I wanted to upgrade from. Was worth every penny. The Roku 3 has yet to crash on me unlike the Roku 2. Also the headphone jack in the remote works great!. The 3 is also compatible with newer wireless network technologies. Not even Hulu has crashed on me yet…

I bought a Roku 3 after my refurbed 2 XS gave it up and couldn’t connect to my network. The 2 was nice, I like 3 better for the speed.

Whoa… I came here for that one thing and now there’s another thing… My mind is blown…

bought one of these a few weeks ago from woot, works great. Only thing i had to do was reset the remote. I thought the batteries might be dead but still couldn’t connect when fresh ones were put in. Under the battery cover is a small button you have to hold down to reassociate the remote with the unit.

otherwise, love my roku

Isn’t the new one coming out next month?

I got one of these from Amazon for about $100 and have been over the moon with it. If you are looking for a Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and even media streaming from your network device this is the puppy.
The user interface is easy to master and setup was a breeze. The iPhone app helps when you are searching, i.e. you won’t have to use the on-screen keyboard with the remote.
My unit came with a free copy of Angry Birds Space, not something that I will use much but a nice touch.
Overall this gets 10 out of 10 for substance over style (even though this thing is tiny), it just does what it says on the box!

I upgraded from my old Roku to this several months ago (for several more monies) and am using a Broadband-over-powerline device for the ethernet port – a setup I’ve been very happy with. Unlike my Roku2, I’ve not had to factory reset this once and the BPL takes care of any wifi-related spottiness.

If you are cheap (of COURSE you are) you can sign up for Bing rewards and get free Hulu+, which is something else I’ve been doing. There are scripts, a Chrome extension, and just the old standby of bookmarking a bunch of Bing searches in a folder and using the “open all in tabs” function, to get your daily points.

This is a great deal. Only problem is that we are rolling the dice on whether the darn thing will work. I have other Roku 2’s in my home and one is getting old so I decided to replace it the last time this same deal came around. I received my shipment in just a few days, only to find that the remote was completely dead. I immediately contacted Woot support, and I figured it would take a few days to get a response. When they finally did respond, it was just a basic troubleshooting guide to syncing the remote to the Roku player. I bit my tongue, and responded back in a non-negligent way; simply stating that I have other Roku players in my home and know perfectly well how to sync the remote. It then took the support team over 1 week to get back with me on the issue and once again they tried to give me a run around about contacting Roku support on the issue. I then became more angry about the issue and wrote them a long e-mail about dissatisfaction. The next day I received a request for Return Authorization along with a return label. I thanked them and sent it off afterwards, having to wait about 2 weeks for it to be authorized and my money refunded. If you buy this, I wish you all the luck in the world! Just know that you take that chance.

Wow! now I have to think about this a lot. Has micro SD, but not finding that I use that anyway. Getting rid of the HDMI cable and power brick is a major plus. Only drawback would be if you wanted to Eth cable the thing you’re SOL.

Plex and their new channel isn’t DNLA NAS server capable without major hacking skills so I’m still using my DVD player for access to 40TB of content. Will have to pause on the cart for now and think this over…