Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 31 to Tuesday, Apr 01) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I have to admit, I LOVE My Roku 3! I have had a couple of Rokus in my day, the kids and adults like em, but this one is Sooo much better.

Remote control w/Headphones, pretty dang awesome.

Only issue I have is my Roku 3 Netflix 5.1 breaks every now and again. Have not been able to get it to work in a while, but I am sure it is mostly my fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe (just maybe) someone can answer what Google hasn’t helped me with:

Will this play movies from an NFS mount?

I’m leaning towards one of these but no NFS is a deal breaker. I use XBMC for everything else, but would like to try one of these guys if it’ll do it.

Check out this “outstanding” review over at cnet and let’s check out the product page

I’m really jonesin’ to buy the new streaming stick (because I frankly think the Chromecast is a fiddly waste of $35 bucks), but for $15 more than the stick, this has a wired connection. At the same time, I don’t like buying refurbs…

I bought the refurb 3 (which is the fourth Roku I’ve owned) and it’s fantastic, easily the best streaming box I’ve ever owned. I’d buy more this time around if I could justify it.

Reviews from

I bought this the last time it was offered. All of us the bought the refurb units had a problem with the remote not being paired to the unit. Expect that with this. You can pair the remote but you will have to call Roku for the instructions.

You have to load PLEX media server for NFS (free). Then you just tell the Roku that you want the Plex channel (Think of it as telling it you wanted Netflix.) It installs from the online “store” (free) contained on the Roku, you enter your password once and the Plex recognizes your Roku s/n and the Roku displays your NFS media.

The hardest part will be loading Plex on your NFS (10 minutes if you’re competent?). Loading it on Roku is a total no-brainer.

I just ordered a Roku 3 yesterday from Amazon. Go figure… I would get another for my bedroom TV, but it is not an HDTV.

Or you can just push the pairing button inside the battery compartment. These are incredible for the hearing impaired. My father in law can watch his hockey games in my den, and I only hear him screaming at the television!

Doh. Just bought a Chromecast two days ago.

Got this during the last Wootoff…
Love it! So much easier than struggling with the Wii… Also enjoying getting YouTube.
I was a little anxious about buying refurbished but it has been working flawlessly which is more than I can say for my netgear Push2TV…

Really making me think about cutting cable.

I totally agree. I recently set up a Plex server on an old laptop of mine with 4 terabytes of external storage. It sits on 20 meg up connection and it streams to phones, computers, tablets, and my old rokus with no problem. Plex is amazing.

I have friends who have tested it Spain, Colombia, Panama, and the US and they are all escatic, plus it tags all the flicks.

Guess I’m a little behind the times. ??What does this offer that I can’t get through my Samsung Blu-Ray player with internet???


This is a great deal, especially with the ear buds! Top of the line Roku. I saw yesterday that they’ve finally released the HDMI Stick for $50. This is their answer to Chromecast.

Bought one of these refurb units about 2 months ago. LOVE IT! No problem with the remote pairing. Loving the Android app too. I’d buy another if I had a need. It is SO much better than the original Roku we had.

Well it appears you may be able to do this using plex but seems hit or miss. I recently got a gen 2 roku lt and it is really limited in its capabilities. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Most people already have ways to do things like watch netflix, hulu, amazon etc and stream files on their local network. This doesn’t even do dlna, obviously, needs plex. I’m not seeing a way within plex media server to add entire folders so I am forced to add each file individually. No way I’d want to do that with terabytes of crap. I guess the roku 3 has a USB slot but only supports a limited amount of file types. No avi I believe? I only paid 25 bucks for mine after two days I am over it. The private channels suck and I already have 3 gaming consoles with much better versions of apps like netflix. Unless I can find some sweet .bundle plug ins on GitHub I will eventually give mine to a friend.

Ps. Plex roku channel now costs five bucks after the trial expires. For free you can add the private channel: rarflix
Works well

Except that most TVs don’t have MHL ports so you have to buy an adapter so you can plug this roku stick into a hdmi port. Chromecast is a much better value as it’s usually on sale for about 28 bucks.
I’m curious as to what Amazons steaming stick and/or box will offer. It is hard to compete with them price-wise usually.