Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 02 to Wednesday, Dec 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Finally!!! LOL!!!

These are great devices. I’ve purchased two, and use them all the time. They load quickly and they run Amazon and Netflix way faster than the Blu Ray player does. And the remote with the headphone jack is a stroke of genius.

Using mine right now. Gonna cut the cable soon! Headphone feature is very cool.

I’ve got one and I love it, but using the headphones eats up the battery pretty quick. Not a big deal if you use rechargable batteries though.

I agree it’s a cool device, and I definately want one. But I also agree with Wootstalker, this is the same price it was offered for about 2 weeks ago. Not much of a Cyber-Monday Woot-Off. I’ve actually been pretty disappointed with Woot the entire day.

Woot has been selling this thing at this price for a nearly a year now?

Yeah. I picked this up in March for the same price. I’ve thought about getting a 2nd one, but I keep waiting for the price to come down. Still waiting…

I wooted 3 of these earlier in the year and a previous model way before then.

We use this along with Netflix and Plex Media Server and have cut ourselves from pay-tv altogether.

Pulled the trigger on one of these 2 Woot’s ago and def don’t regret it. It took me a bit longer to try out Plex, and i’m kicking myself that it took that long (though the app reports it’s still in “trial” phase and i’m not too clear on what that means since i’m using it for home-based streaming).

I wish one of the 2 Wii’s in my house would die or something so I had a decent excuse to get one more of these for the bedroom, hah.

Generally speaking…

Man if these would just come down another 15 bucks I could justify buying one for my parents who can never seem to get their laptop to stream to the tv without 10 minutes of phone directions. I keep thinking one day woot wont relist it for the same price again.

If you don’t have one and you’re on the fence…buy it. I’ve bought two just like this from Woot (same condition same price) and love them.

Worried about live news and sports? There are ways to get that too.


These are great devices. I have one in every room. Top three reasons I love Roku:

  1. Netflix. It’s simple and you can get it on most things but it’s the most convenient on a roku.

  2. Plex. Download the new movie you want, throw it into your shared folder, and watch it on your tv just like netflix. Or add in tv shows or music. Works just as well.

  3. Renting movies. No, you won’t see it right after it drops in theaters but if you want to wait a few weeks it usually drops onto the Roku and instead of going out to a redbox, video store, or downloading illegally you can just stream for a small cost.

I’d use Plex if I had a really nice NAS to install it on.

You don’t need one. I built a “media server” using an old chasis/powersupply but bought mobo, fast AMD chip, 8 gb memory, and two 2TB HDs (raided together) for about $250.00

I put my Plex Media Server on Ubuntu Server and it works like a charm. Just last week while watching a movie I noticed my wife and I were Plexing as were two of my children at the same time. I remoted into the server and the CPU was chugging along at about 8% capacity.

Hail PLEX!

Do tell!

I’ve been looking at a way to stream sports that are not on broadcast TV to my plex media server.

Just Google “watch live tv on roku”. There are a few options there. I pay one of them $24 a month and it’s well worth it but there are free options there as well. Don’t miss the dish or cable at all.

Guh, how did I miss this? I wanted to grab one for my dad/stepmom.