Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Thinking about picking one of these up. My PS3 has been acting really slow lately…

But since its a refurb & has a 90 day warranty, would anyone else go in on Square Trade’s 1-year offer for the $10.99?

Thanks, fellow wooters!

got one of these in a BOC! Highly recommend!!! Much better than the original Roku!

Two weeks ago, this would have been tempting… it would have been an upgrade for my Roku 2. However, after beta testing some Roku software, I was seriously surprised after the test ended when a brand new Roku 3 arrived as compensation for my efforts! No refurb needed here! I got my Roku 3 last week!

Loved my Roku 2, but the 3 is a substantial upgrade.

And yes… Paying $11 to extend the warranty might be worth it, however, my Roku 2 never had any problems in the 11 months since I got it, and I’m not expecting any with the 3.

I have been waiting for one to show up in my BOC but it has not made it to the box yet.

I ended up getting a WD Live TV Media player in my first BOC… the Roku 3 is a MUCH better device.

Check out this review over at

No need. If it does not break within 90 days, you are good to go. Besides, Amex card or some platinum VISA/Master cards will provide 2x warranty coverage for free.

No need for me to get this, but only because I already have two. I use the hell out of them.

The newest Roku 3 has dedicated app buttons and a microphone for voice search.

I might just have to spring for a new one instead.

If like me, you have one of the old original Rokus (2011 or older), Roku right now is offering its Roku 3 at 20% off which brings the price of a brand-new unit down to $79.

On Roku’s website, I found:

$20 off a refurbished Roku 3 for $79.99 (the same as the one here)


$10 off the updated Roku 3 making it $89.99.

We’ve had this for about a year and absolutely love it. We also have the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku out performs it BY FAR. Love the option to plug a headset into the remote. My boyfriend uses this feature all the time. This was our third Roku, and the first two still work fine (they are hooked up to our secondary TVs now). Wish I’d paid this price instead of $99!

Apple TV or Roku 3?? Great detailed review here

Bottom line this is great deal for great product and I just hooked one up for father-n-law (brownie points for me with the wifeee). It was easy, and despite being an Apple guy (for air streaming) this is a great product and probably beats dated Apple TV for interface and general use. The just out newest version does add voice recognition, but I read owners of this version can still use voice search on their phone app (just not on remote) with this unit also. Can anyone confirm this one mobile fact? Some (hard core ITunes integrated warriors) will wait it out for next Apple TV, or newest Roku 3; but this is smart Woot timing/deal for most. Wish Woot would bring back free shipping- $5 still messes with my “I could have had one more cup of Java brain for that.”

I already have a Xbox One and a Chromecast, do I still need this? I heard it’s the best Streaming device but is it necessary to have all 3?

I’ll add my love for the Roku 3 as well. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the Roku 2 I’ve relegated to secondary status in my home. It’s fast, has dual band wifi AND an Ethernet port and is faster as a jackrabbit on most things.

I don’t really miss the dedicated quick select buttons for Netflix and friends, and the voice search works on the Roku app if you have that on a smartphone, so getting this last-gen model is not a big sacrifice, IMHO.

There is just one minor issue I should warn people about, though. The remote for this is not Bluetooth or IR like other Rokus, but uses wifi. In the past there’s been an issue with the Roku broadcasting a strong wifi signal on the exact same channel your home router uses, even if you use Ethernet to connect. The Roku only has one wifi radio so if it’s being used over wifi, it WILL share the same channel as your router.

This is not a problem for most people, but if you place a Roku 3 on wifi very close to your router, like you might do in a media center, they will interfere with each other and cause dropouts over your home wifi network. It’s especially troublesome for people whose routers are set to pick the best channel automatically, because as soon as it camps on a new clear channel, the Roku will quickly follow, leading to a neverending bout of channel changes and internet interruptions.

They’ve fixed the issue for Ethernet users, now the Roku can find its own channel and not interfere with the rest of your network - but for people with wifi only setups, it could be an issue. A very rare one, but one worth mentioning.

It’s quite literally the only bugaboo to the whole device, and not a deal killer for 99.9% of users.

Found another deal on this. You can get a new one for 49.99 if you prepay for Sling TV for 3 months.!

The reviews are great. I bought all three Rokus I use now on a Woot! “refurbished” sale. Every one of them still work and perform brilliantly. I cut the cord from satellite and save about $750 a year with a Roku and a TV antenna in the attic. Thanks, woot! for continuing to offer produces from this great company.

Roku has just released a pair of Rokus. These new Rokus will be called Roku 2 and Roku 3. The new Roku 2 is a stripped down Roku 3 (no remote earbud) and the new Roku 3 adds voice search. I believe both ‘boxes’ use wifi for remote control (Roku 2 comes with an IR remote). Roku has finally acknowledged that this can cause streaming problems and one of the engineers has suggested that Roku may provide a way to turn it off in future models. Regardless, there are three similar Rokus out right now. If you do not care about the remote listening feature, you can get a brand new Roku 2 for $69.99. (This one comes with an IR remote so you have to point it at the Roku. It still has the wifi remote in the box, so you get the worst of both worlds.) If you want the voice search, you must get the new Roku 3. (Note that the remote for this Roku has replaced the jog back button with a product placement quick launch button.) Otherwise, this is similar in features and performance.

It doesn’t. With a quad core cpu, 2G of memory, optical audio out, and wired/wireless ethernet, FTV is 3x faster than the Roku 3 (per Amazon at launch).

The Roku blog says Roku Feed and Channel Store Search will be rolled out to other Rokus and that new apps will support new search and discovery features. It doesn’t specifically say voice search. Re/code speculates that the new apps will support voice search. The Android app description says it supports voice search. I think you can assume the new ios app will include voice search when it launches.

There’s a new iTV box coming later this summer. Apple has also teased a new TV service.

Meh to the timing issue. These will continue to get cheaper until there are no refurbs left. The new Roku 2 will be cheaper than this when the refurbs hit woot.

Happy streaming!

Buy the warranty! I bought one of these within the last year and it does not work. I didn’t try it until after the 90 day warranty was up. Better yet, don’t buy it at all.