Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Wow, got a Bag o’ Craps in record time, clicked the funny-looking upside down head! The bag I got in the last woot-off was truly crappy, the thrill of victory beats the agony of the crap

well, that aint cool. its the man trying to get us to click on stuff that pops up

fire stick, chrome cast, roku, and apple tv. i don’t have enough tvs to try all of the devices! i’m tempted to add a roku to my collection of cord-cutting devices.

the main woot community is not listing correctly.

I have this already, and a Fire Stick and this is a great value at about half the cost of the Fire Stick!

I’m buying one for my bother now.

Can you be a little more specific about what you mean? I’m not seeing any issues.

Are the bag of craps gone? The upside down face disappeared as well…

I had to choose recent comments to see posts for the roku cause it wasn’t listed in recent deals.

Mine stopped working just a few months after purchase .