Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Before the questions start, this is NOT the 2015 version/model of the Roku 3. This one does not have voice search. All other specs are the same.

I purchased one of these a while back and after a month of headaches it’s my favorite streaming device in the house. Here are some tips in case you have the same issues I did to save you frustration.

If you get it and the remote won’t sync it’s most likely because the firmware is out dated and will have to be updated before it will recognize the remote. Funny thing is you can’t update your box with out the remote “NARF” There is a mobile remote app that you can try and use some have success, some don’t, I was one that didn’t. If this happens to you call customer support and go through the trouble shooting with them. After they fail they’ll offer to RMA it for you. Stop them right there and ask them if they can first send you one of the OLD IR remotes. It doesn’t require WIFI to work and the system will instantly recognize it.

After an RMA and multiple phone calls that’s what they did for me. They sent me an old IR remote and with it I was able to go through the set up and update the firmware on my Roku3. Once it was updated the remote was instantly found when I tried to sync it.

Hope this helps. Once I got it working I love my little Referb Roku3.

Roku 3 is awesome. By far my favorite device for streaming so far. I’ve had mine for almost a year now. bought it refurbished to save some money and have no complaints. It is very fast and user friendly and the amount of channels available is always expanding. The ability to search across multiple apps simultaneously is great and the headphone port in the remote is surprisingly useful. Designated buttons on the remote for Netflix and Amazon prime instant video is pretty handy too. I recommend this device to people all the time and if you can get it at a discounted price I would not hesitate.

This is the Roku which I own, and true - the remote does not have voice search. However, the mobile app does have voice search and it does work with this model.
I’ve never had any trouble with my Roku. Love it to death. In fact, I own two.

My youngest son, who’s 3, learned to operate this in a day. He now lays in bed and watches his Netflix with no complaints. Now I just wish I could reclaim my pillow…