Roku: Classic Or Alternative

I got a Roku 3 and a Roku 1 and the Roku 1 is excruciatingly slow and seems to have a hard time maintaining a wireless indoors 10 feet from the router and also has to buffer video every minute or so. The Roku 3 is in the garage 40 feet from the router and is a dream by comparison. Where does the Roku 2 fall on the spectrum?

I have roku 2, it works great. I’ve had it up to about 50 feet away, on the other side of a concrete wall, and it was fine.

Doesn’t the classic Roku have sharp corners?

Had an older Roku, finally bought the Roku 3 from Woot. Wish I had done so sooner. Faster, better menu’s, more channels. Note: You have to set up your Roku first, before you can set the unit up to recognize the remote. i.e. the remote doesn’t work until the unit recognizes it. Helped that I had another remote to help set up.

That sold out fast! Get more of these!!!


I bought this last year when it was on Woot. 9 months later, it started having streaming problems, despite it being 10’ line of sight from my wifi router.

By comparison, my old old old Roku XD from 2010 is on the other side of the house and streams perfectly despite many walls between it and the router.

I think the refurbishing of this Roku makes it very unreliable. I have to buy a new one to replace this one from the Woot sale, and I won’t be buying reconditioned again.