Roku HD Player

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Roku HD Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Roku N1100 Wireless HD Media Player

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meh. I has a TiVo.

I own a Roku HD XR and i love it, the only difference is this doesn’t have an n wireless antenna, but it is wireless, i love it, and you should get it.

Website w/netflix

Roku is ‘6’ in Japanese, if anyone is wondering.

Check it out at Amazon


You can stream Netflix over most console game systems. Just a thought…

Long fingernail is long, if anyone is wondering.

Wtf, i just ordered this from amazon on like thursday for $79.99 on their gold box deals.

So I take it this is like playing Netflix through your wii without having to buy any games

found this review for you guys. Personally i love the pros and cons together: pricing from first glance is 99-129

The good: Affordable sub-$100 price tag; streams a variety of Internet video and audio services, including Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Major League Baseball games, and Mediafly podcasts; built-in Wi-Fi; works with all TVs; upgradable firmware allows for periodic update of content and features; good HD video quality (on channels and programming that support it).

The bad: Ever cheaper Blu-ray players offer many of the same Internet-viewing options plus disc playback; video quality varies from channel to channel, depending upon provider and source material; setup and content queues usually require at least some PC interaction; yet another box under the TV; no centralized way to access, search, and manipulate channel providers.

The bottom line: A low price and growing roster of online content makes the Netflix HD Player a good choice for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to add Netflix–and a variety of other Internet media channels–to any TV.

Disembodied hands not included. They have a buttery spread commercial to do after this.

There are two Roku boxes in my house and we love them. I want more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so you know, if you don’t need high definition, a brand new SD Roku player is $70 on However, this is a great price for the HD version.

so this thing will not stream anything from your PC correct?

Review at YouTube

I see the description doesn’t mention 1080p output, but can it still play 1080p mkv and output it to 720p?

I have one of these… and its sitting collecting dust since my XBOX, PS3 and Wii can do all it can now. Oh and my LED TV

Amazon’s got this listed for $. (