Roku HD-XR Player

Do the disembodied hands come included, or will I have to pay extra?

That’s how much I paid for a new one from Roku.

If you want a great and simple way to access Netflix streaming, this is just the ticket. Plus it does Pandora too. Hulu Plus is on the way as well.

but was it $5 shipping from them?

Best price new $99.99 on Amazon

Just when you thought it was going to pick back up. Ok, time for bed. Night, woot-off.

I got mine in a recent woot. It’s awesome - we use it to stream Netflix movies and to listen to pandora. Entertainment with no crappy commercials. (And during the election season, it’s really a bonus!!)

Pretty good player.

I would rather go for the XD. 1080p output for 79.99

woot server is acting funny for me…
Should I take this as a SIGN? and if so … what kind of sign? I never was very good at this subtle stuff.

The ANT…

OK - that’s what I get for using the overused “A W E S O M E” word. I stab it too.

The shipping was free, and it wasn’t a refurb.

I am getting old. I don’t know why I would need this thing, and I don’t know what the heck it does, or why I would want it to do ANYTHING.

It’s shaped like a box, so no go. Now turn around and shape it like a can and we’ll talk.

This one is selling pretty fast

On the Roku web site:

Roku HD $59.99
Roku XD $79.99
Roku XD/S $99.99

So the Roku HD/(R for refurb) is $10.00 more on WOot?


This has 1080p. The XD doesn’t have component video, optical audio, dual-band N, or USB that this one does.

HD-XR, for eXdended Range, As in dual-band wireless N.

This is a model that’s been dropped in favor of the XDS that’s more streamlined. Seems most users like stuff that’s simpler, and in keeping with that, they dropped S-Video and component jacks (now requires a proprietary cable instead). And made it slightly smaller.

This model also has the USB port (photos, music, a couple of video formats) that’s otherwise only on the XDS.

In other words, we’re saving $30.