Roku HD-XR Player

That was quick.

Any idea how much they sold it for?

Yeah, I’d like to know too. Crap. This is what I am getting my old man for xmas, getting it for cheaper would have been nice.


not sure if revenue includes the $5 shipping

from the page:
Roku HD-XR Player
$69.99* + $5 shipping

1 Roku N1101 HD-XR Wireless Media Player

Nice price! Thank you guys! I hope it comes back!!

Yeah, me too, apparently it is 99$ on amazon!

Bought one on ebay last week from Roku. They sell them for $69.00 with FREE SHIPPING. Search for Roku XR with buy it now. It will come up and the seller is Roku.

I can’t find that price, do you happen to have a link to their ebay seller profile?

Here is a link to their shop

Here is a link to the item I bought. It says its ended but I would check back in a day or two to see if they relisted it. They had over 500 available for sale. So I would think they would relist the item.

Hope that helps. The XR is just like the XDS. has the USB port and everything, Same dual band wireless, Etc. Very happy with the purchase. Works great, has access to a lot of channels.

awesome, my dad has ms and is bored a lot, so I think that+a netflix subscription would cheer him up a bit. I always see shows and movies on instant play that I know he’d love. Not to mention the ability to buy kung fu and western channels!