Roku Premiere Streaming Media Player

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Roku Premiere Streaming Media Player
Price: $54.99
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ten bucks more new from roku with free shipping and 1 yr warranty

Ya, who are they really trying to kid!? People, do your research before you buy anything from here, because you can literally buy most refurbished items for less elsewhere and the products are NEW in the box w full warranty! I would MAYBE buy this if it was the ultra but this is the lowest model in the series! WoW Woot!

I love my Ultra. The Premier Plus too. They are faster than my PS4 and the interface is quite nice. I wish I could turn off the adds though, especially when the one for my daughter’s room keeps showing an ad with people in their bathing suits.

Any voice command capability? I’d like to replace my Amazon Fire but I’ve gotten used to voice search.

I really wish Roku would just settle on a model naming scheme and stick with it.

No kidding. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good deal on woot, but I do highly recommend the roku. Even my parents could figure it out, so I got them one for Christmas. I love mine, and love not having to pay the high rates for cable on channels I never watch.

I have 6 rokus through out the house and away with one of the college kids. I have everything form a Gen2 XDS to a Gen. I find the 3’s are the sweet spot. Just as fast and capable than a gen 4.

Don’t get the Roku if you use PSVue (IMHO based on experience).

Do you have a link for that? I’d love to pass it on to my vendor team. $69.99

For future reference (since this deal doesn’t appear to be too good), can movies/music be streamed from a computer, where they are stored, to a TV without using something like Plex…or, is plex necessary?

Surprise you guys! We lowered the price of this item. If you’ve already ordered it- don’t worry! Your extra money will be headed back to you soon.

twenty bucks more new from roku with free shipping and 1 yr warranty

Yeah, I found out. There is no guide or record capabilities for the Roku.

The roku’s wifi antenna -sucks-. I had it literally on top of my router/modem and it would buffer forever. get the roku3 with the ethernet connection

Not sure what you are referring to as PSVue on my 5 Roku’s are great.

You are referring to old Roku sticks. This is their latest line with dual bands etc

From your smartphone, yes. From a pc or Mac to it, like a AppleTV? No.